Can You Be Pro Black & Date Outside Your Race?

A Twitter Debate turns into a conversation surrounding Donald Glover, standing up for your race & culture while dating interracial on Ebro in the Morning


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36 thoughts on “Can You Be Pro Black & Date Outside Your Race?


  2. So I'm going to take this question into another atmosphere. In Africa there is a nationality and then you be long to a specific tribe. A specific ethnic group. We know race is a social construct created by white people. There really is no such thing as race. Of 4 hundreds of thousands of years human beings identify themselves based on their tribe. 2 where is why people identified themselves or the town that they are from. So let's say you are in Africa and you have a man and a woman from two different tribes. You can post a question can you be for your tribe and date outside of it? It is the same exact question as asking can you be Pro black and date outside your race. This fantasy that we have with Africa being a harmonious country where all people get along because they're melanated is false. People in Africa rain from white with blue eyes to dark with blue eyes and everything in between. And that has nothing to do with mixing outside your race that's just nature. My fear of black people in the Americas that we are becoming too isolated. And we are not looking at ourselves AS Global beings.

    One of the people that I have chosen to study this month is Shaka Zulu. This is a man who United all the Zulu tribes. Because again some black folks believe and this harmonious African nation. And it's never been that way. But as he did so he created one of the largest African nations. Vows before him each Zulu tribe Ward with one another. But he saw something greater. And I think the issue with dating outside of your race needs to be taken to a greater atmosphere. It is almost the same if a woman dates a man can she be Pro woman. Because you cannot control what race or nationality or ethnicity you are. And you cannot control what gender you are born as.

  3. These people sound so similar to theethno-nationalists on the far right. Fringe leftist Identity politics encourages tribalism and it actually gives real racists the idea that they now have a platform because of this idiocy.

  4. I think you can be pro-black and date outside your race, i think it could get dicey if you say you only date outside your race then you have to ask yourself why. Cause it's weird to that you are excluding your own race, and you have to examine why, does it come from self hate etc. I think black love is great and we should celebrate it, but also not condemn people who date outside their race once they saying or are not open to dating within their race

  5. Black men drool over white women, but white women only care about their penis and their wealth if they have it… AND most white women perceive black men as “low-class” men who should only date black women and poor white women.

  6. But Malcolm X was not marrying, or going to marry a white woman. And as far as dude on the show marrying outside of his race, he married a woman who is melanated, heavily. A woman that is hated by white people because of the color of her skin. We can sit around here and front if we want to, but two white people anyting that is not white is inferior to them, and beneath them and they're thinking. So he did not really stray outside of his race.

  7. I don’t believe you can be trulyPro-Black and not find a black woman worthy of marriage. It’s like the Mercedes dealer who actually drives BMW, sure they can talk up the Merc but when it came to the decision that impacts them suddenly they choose something different. That should tell you something.
    There’s nothing wrong with being Pro-equality etc, but to be Pro- Black one would expect you go further than most other neutrals to support your cause and teachings.
    People who make the life decisions that are not pro-Black but claim to be are not being honest with themselves.
    Date and marry whoever you want, but don’t preach pro black when in reality you aren’t, it’s not helpful.
    ‘Coons’ marry black too, but marriage isn’t the only criterion to be pro or against something.
    People who call themselves pro black expect to see them supporting black in a myriad of world scenarios, where they shop, where they spend time, who they support AND who they marry along with others. To be pro black I expect you go out your way to support black. Similarly to coon I expect you go out your way to make anti-black choices. You’re not pro black if you just marry black or cooning if you don’t.

  8. No one says, don't interracial date. But you can't be all, "black people first, black love yards yada…" and you running off with a white chick or the new hotness, corny white dudes.

    Date out all you want, just stop faking the funk and stay quiet when grown folks are talking.

  9. Why do and are we still on race, cor,ethnicity, creed,class,culture,etc
    . That's another way to allow yourself to be programmed and are trapped… we are all the same but different… color is only cosmetics like height, weight, size, etc.. Stop allowing yourself to be programmed and taught how to think.. black,white,Asian, hispanic,whatever you wanna say or call people we still all have the same blood types a black man and a white man can have the same blood type etc… stop it

  10. Corny 97 Ya'll back to race baiting again huh?! SMH!
    Can't ya'll just ever have a conversation without constantly bringing Race into it!

  11. Because I like White men, Arabic and LOVE Italian Men, I would NEVER scream I am Pro-Black..I will never be a hypocrite like that. It defeats the purpose…

  12. I guess people never heard of Maya Angelou 🤦🏾‍♂️. She was definitely Pro Black, married twice and both times were to white men

  13. Asian, Latin, and Indian ppl never make the list. Black ppl fight each other so they can be up under their white mommy’s and daddy’s. Meanwhile Latinos are closely related to black ppl.

  14. Hi Ebro I wanted to put your question about pro blackness into perspective and answer it…. Pro black – is a lifestyle that encourages the economic growth and development of the black people as a whole with a purpose of increasing the wealth and population of black people around the world. You cannot do any of the things outlined above if you are not pro creating with and married to a black person 😏

  15. How can you be Pro-black, but not picking a partner that is the same color as you and transferring your wealth back to your own race? I have to agree with Tommy Sotomayor when he said he can't seriously be with a white woman because she inteferes with his agenda…

  16. Mixed relationships often have a confused party, usually the black member of the relationship are confused with the system of white supremacy. It is not advised to date outside your race but those that do often feel the need to compensate by attempting to be pro black. It’s all part of the confusion.

  17. Black ppl worship whites. That’s why radio personalities give black ppl the green-light to “love who you love” which means “don’t worry about your community, date a white person”.

  18. It’s organizations like hot 97 that show the perfect example of the Democrats what kanye is fighting for. How absolutely disgusting

  19. Coming from a black sister who is married to a black king, this generation of black men is doing their thing. I grew up in a fatherless generation but this generation of black men ain't having it! I believe we should start lifting each other up a lot more than tearing each other down. Love everybody but I have to love my people first. Just like I love all children but my own kids come first that is how I feel at the end of the day.

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