Cardi B accused of taking RAPPER Kashdoll song & Kashdoll explains how she really feels


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Cardi B accused of taking RAPPER Kashdoll song & Kashdoll explains how she really feels


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30 thoughts on “Cardi B accused of taking RAPPER Kashdoll song & Kashdoll explains how she really feels

  1. kashdoll did not mention cardi b name when she first spoke cardi and her coke Hennessey sister got personal and started this shit so Kashdoll responding too there immature asses they so gassed and light Kashdoll dark so she get the end of the stick this 2018 where my darkskin mainstream pop rappers at????????????? female big facts

  2. Kash doll is not a hater yall dumb bitches need to cut cardi b song or album off and pick up the dictionary because Kashdoll want a bag just as Drezzy so stop acting like only trash ass cardi b can get the bag KASHDOLL get that bag boo love you girl you a REAL one bihh

  3. She brought it up, because when she tried to put it on SoundCloud, it go blocked. Cardi ain’t SHIT, KashDoll is a better Rapper and writes her OWN RAP unlike Cardi Bum who can’t write for shit and having a team that’s stealing other peoples songs and lyrics.

  4. I am reading these comments and it did not take long for people to start putting the women against each other. It’s not about them. Her issue is with the shady way the record was taken from her. But that is the cut throat industry. Not Cardi, Dreezy, or whoever else that heard the record. And for the record, most artist get there music that way, including some rappers. They here a song and either they write there own verse or sing it just like it’s written. Difference is those writers pay big money to keep it under the radar. Cardi just doesn’t care who knows cause she about her paper. And everyone gets paid. And broke ‘mfers’ make comments. That would be me and you…😀

  5. Again you KashDoll are being petty because if you wasn't presses then why did you go on live and say YG took the song you was on and gave it to Cardi.Now you saying you ain't have to fuck this dude and this dude to get here or you ain't have to do this to get ok neither did Cardi don't get mad because she put in work as well.

  6. Omg damn Cardi didn't take no song so if y'all gone be mad be mad at YG that was his song he gave it to her so why y'all trying Cardi

  7. This is crazy!! It was YG's song. He put Cardib on the song. She didn't take nothing. This is the kind of nonsense that keep the fake beef going. People listen to this type of mess and run with it. SMH

  8. I’m tired of EVERY FUCKING BODY tryna make Cardi the fucking bad guy!!!! There is other people in this fucking industry!!! Find somebody else to FUCK with!!! Damn!!!!! (This doesn’t apply to you voice4dapeople ur just updating us)

  9. Her response cleared everything up. She said she don't have a problem. That's the end of it.

  10. Yall kissing cardis ass while she doesn't even write her own shit sit down yall. At least kash doll writing her bars that is what a rapper is about🤣🤣

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