Cardi B caught lying about Nicki Minaj again … Nicki fans ain’t playing

Cardi B caught lying about Nicki Minaj again … Nicki fans ain’t playing


I Caught U Slippin

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39 thoughts on “Cardi B caught lying about Nicki Minaj again … Nicki fans ain’t playing

  1. Is not about lying cardi not gonna talk bad about an ICONIC artist if she would've had told the truth ya still would've bash on her so wtffffff!? How is that lying

  2. Listen how she said yeah tho 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I think she lied when she she said yeah about her being nice 😂😂😂

  3. cardi is fake asf. I knew I didn't like her. Why act like you don't have a problem with someone, then go bitch to someone about another's person verse on a song instead of confronting that person yourself, then, turn around and be like ," I don't have a problem with Nicki" and then turn back around and say she was never nice. ahahahaha. ol fake ass. just keep it real.

  4. Hell yes. She said she was nice to her just to avoid being asked about Nicki but in reality we all knew that Nicki was sneak dissing Cardi b.

  5. First off Cardi B before the fame before Bodak Yellow dropped stated in interviews Nicki was an idol she listened to in highschool wen Bodak dropped Cardi fans blew tf up and Nicki got mad and shaded Cardi B when she saw her for the 1st time that's y Remy put Cardi on stage wit her wen she first came out to shade Nicki cuz Nicki threw shade first after that the colab comes and Nicki tries to name check Cardi and Cardi being dat bitch put a stop to it and now Nicki want Cardi to bow down but Nicki been fake to what used to be a fan of hers Nicki is so fake dem was 🐊tears and yal see this shit playing out like I do Cardi was a Nicki fan til she finally saw Nicki and Nicki turned her nose up at her like Cardi didn't exist but everybody started showing Cardi love and then Nicki came wit the fake love now bihh pay homeage to lil Kim already yal excuse the fact that she has been stealing Kim's style since day 1 it's all a damn scam to me now fans are not real this some real band wagon shit I'm hoppin off cuz reality ain't playing out yal playing wit ppls minds 🤔

  6. I wish I could burn all the barbs… Like… Ain't nobody praising pikki I mean Nikki manaj.. Like people let's get it together.. She is a whole…bully.. Now we gotta feel sorry?! Nope! Sorry not sorry.. Now let's go barbs.. You plastic loving motherfuckers!

  7. Cardi didn't want issue so she said yes Nick was nice but you can tell that yes was really a hell nah… Nick is a mean gurl

  8. Girl I’m starting to think you don’t like cardi at this point for even putting this dumbass 40 sec video up just like that last video you put up saying that celina chick had offset baby you know it’s a lie but you continue to make these dumbass videos

  9. She said Yeah she was nice because wasn't mean DUH 🙄 but for the fan to say she was nice to her like she dun alot of shit for her 😕 Cardi like what you mean "Nice"

  10. Nicki is a shade thrower she cocky her attitude sucks I won't buy shit from nobody who's not real and she's not she did go to acting school she playing all yall cardi all day

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