Cardi B’s Incredible Accomplishments At 30 Years Old

You can’t deny Cardi B has pretty much become a household name, and international sensation. Everybody and their mother was saying “Okurr” when she first came on the scene. Now that she’s officially 30 years old, we’re celebrating Cardi’s birthday and this major milestone by taking a trip down memory lane to show off the other milestones she’s achieved in the years she’s been keeping us entertained. So, stay tuned to see just how many records she’s broken and how she’s making history with her chart topping hits these days.

Did you know Cardi has been the first female rapper to cover Vogue US? Or that she’s the first to win 2 ASCAP Songwriter of the Year awards? Well now you will! Cardi is one of the only artists to receive such accolades and recognition in the first 5 years of her breakout as a Hip-Hop artist, that most artists would dream of. Like winning the first Grammy she was ever nominated for or having the most certified Diamond singles for any female rapper in the game.

One thing about Cardi is she’s going to put on a performance, whether she’s pregnant, on the silver screen, or on stage, Cardi has proven she is a performer first and foremost and doesn’t plan on slowing down. What do you think is next for this mogul? Let us know in the comments below, and to stay updated on your favourite celeb news, like, share and subscribe to The Things Celebrity for more!


00:00 Intro
00:26 Certified Platinum Debut Album
01:06 Vogue Cover
01:38 Diamond After Diamond
02:12 Shoe-Game On Point
02:46 Guinness World Record Holder
03:29 History-Making Grammy
04:02 Streams in the Billions
04:36 Fast & Furious
05:01 She’s An Actress
05:35 Billions of YouTube Views
06:04 Million-Dollar Day
06:43 Cardi Cares
07:13 Pregnant & Performing
07:45 WAP Breaks Records
08:21 Real Estate Mogul
08:47 Most Influential Woman
09:10 Billboard Chart Topper
09:34 Breaking ASCAP Records
09:57 Million Dollar Lawsuit
10:40 Tonight Show Co-Host
11:01 Outro

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Written by: Elizabeth Oloidi
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: StevenSune

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