Carole Radziwill Calls Bethenny Frankel’s Remarks Untrue | WWHL

Carole Radziwill Calls Bethenny Frankel’s Remarks Untrue | WWHL

Carole Radziwill gives her take on Bethenny Frankel’s remarks about their friendship during this season saying she was shocked to hear the things Bethenny said and defending herself as being a good friend.
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Carole Radziwill Calls Bethenny Frankel’s Remarks Untrue | WWHL



Author: TVQueenie

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26 thoughts on “Carole Radziwill Calls Bethenny Frankel’s Remarks Untrue | WWHL

  1. Bethany can't keep friends because she's too abrasive. It's her way or no way. Having said that why is Carol playing saying they weren't close? As if they didn't both flee together in the Range Rover after one of the housewives sleepovers and they were always together. lol Carol must think we're too dumb to not notice. But Bethany did make a big deal over the text messages since Carol did reply. Just say your friendships not the same anymore

  2. They grew apart because of their disagreements. And even though Carol can say she's not "thick as thieves" with Tinsley, Carol isn't spending the same amount of time with Dorinda Ramona or rooming with the other girls. She went from Bethany to Tinsely they were together the most out of all the other pairs. She's not not friends with Bethany but they're not as close. And we thought we could see a more independent Carol which we did in some parts but she's still one of those women who like the stick to someone else. Like I see Dorinda filmed with Sonja even though they have issues, Dorinda with Ramona who she gets along with, Dorinda with Luann who she's neutral with. I rarely see Carol with anyone one on one who's not in her line of comfort

  3. Carole, girl… wasn't that comment concerning a brunch where you didn't even look up to greet her and kept right on with your conversation? This reminds me of her claims Bethenny was constantly texting her her during the marathon 'are you done?'. Bethenny showed the texts and that's not what she did at all. From what I've seen so far Carole was really butthurt over the marathon and started acting defensive and petty with Bethenny and now she's playing the victim. I'm not buying this clueless act, especially when we all know the talking head parts were filmed after shit went down between them and I'm sure looking back at it all HW's have a different perspective.

  4. Just further proof that Bethany is incapable of having a real and proper relationship or friendship with anyone.. she'll dump you once you're of no use to her anymore or she's found something better

  5. I swear these team Bethanny people are in denial. I don't for one second doubt Carole. Just look at Bethanny's TRACK RECORD! She gets into with everyone. She's likes Nene. She likes to tear others down, but when they stand up to her or speak back, she wants to become a helpless victim. Bethanny is very selfish. You guys can't see that? Now, Bethanny is pretty much going on a smear campaign of Carole. Typical Bethanny.

  6. Cokehead Cohen is clearly throwing his former bestie Ratzo under the bus for new bestie Bethenny. Can't say I blame him. She's like watching paint dry.

  7. Carole seems to be having a big change in her identity. Bethenny has been extremely consistent and we’ve always seen her personality. Carole has had many huge shifts in how she presents herself throughout her time on the show. And to say Bethenny’s comments are categorically untrue is to call someone a liar over comments that are totally subjective. It’s interesting that in her 50s, Carole is making fashion choices like leather harnesses and tattoo body suits and smoking for a costume. I’m curious to see how her expression continues to evolve, and what we learn about her. Because she’s starting to feel like a new character on the show.

  8. bethenny is unstable in mind reason she sees a doc. he shows failed,her marriage failed,friendships failed,relatesonship with dad failed and on and on….

  9. bethenny is an unhappy person she is deeply wounded and people like that tend to destroy and sabotage their relationships…deep down she is very insecure despite her success….i think her financial sucess came as a surprise to her and now she is desperatly clinging to it caase it hink she never thougth she'd be so sucessful….carol is a more mature and self loving individual…i am not saying this to be mena to bethenny i actually can relate to her a lot and see myslef in her….exept for sucess lol im broke)

  10. Let's review the facts here. Carole says everything Bethenny said is untrue but Bethenny keeps her receipts. Notice Bravo wouldn't show the close up of the texts so it's still unclear. Everyone says Bethenny can't keep a friend but let's see Bethenny had one rift with Jill which was Jill's undoing meanwhile Carole was all about Aviva in Season 5, all about Heather in Season 6, All about Kristen in Season 7, all about Bethenny in Season 8, and has been all about Tinsley since last season. So Carole has more evidence against her of being the one that trades friends in like used shoes. I think Carole forgot to tell Bethenny she wanted a rift to get a storyline this year. Team Bethenny.

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