CBD Oil for Dog Seizures & Epilepsy – Top Cannabis Treats for Pets

Recurring seizures often point to epilepsy, which is a serious and debilitating health condition that affects both humans and dogs. Just like neurologists, most veterinarians rush to prescribe dogs who suffer from epileptic seizures with a slew of anti-convulsant medications. These synthetic drugs, however, do not always prevent seizures but may instead contaminate your pet’s body with toxins over time. Unlike them, CBD oil offers a way to combat seizures in both humans and dogs without any adverse health effects. In this guide, we dive into CBD oil for dog seizures.

Does CBD Oil Work?

Despite making up almost 40% of the cannabis extract, cannabidiol (CBD) is a safe non-psychoactive compound. As such, it does not cause addiction or any other adverse health effects commonly associated with cannabis usage. In fact, CBD’s unique anti-psychotic properties are exactly what gives CBD oil its potency as a viable natural anti-seizure remedy.

CBD oil supplies cannabidiol to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is present in all mammals, including humans and dogs. Among its many functions, this system can adjust various processes in the body, including the excitation of the nervous system. As a result, the ECS can smooth out the excitatory responses of the nervous system preventing it from going haywire.

The Anti-Seizure Potential of CBD Oil

Besides the prevailing anecdotal evidence of its efficacy, more and more clinical studies manage to prove CBD’s unique anti-seizure properties. For instance, recent clinical trials of CBD have observed a reduction in seizures among patients consuming set daily dosages of CBD. Since dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as humans, CBD has the potential to reduce seizures in dogs as well. Yet, unlike synthetic anti-convulsant medications, it has the capacity to do so without compelling your dog to toxicity symptoms.

Choosing a CBD Oil Supplement that Works

Not all CBD oil supplements can allow your dog to enjoy CBD’s capacity to reduce seizures. As the FDA has recently uncovered, many CBD oil supplements on the market today are bogus and contain no CBD. For this reason, practicing due diligence is key to choosing a CBD oil supplement for your dog that works.

To allow your dog to reap CBD’s anti-seizure benefits to the fullest, a CBD oil supplement must:

  • Be from a trustworthy manufacturer: If a CBD oil supplement comes from a manufacturer that appears on the FDA blacklist, avoid buying it.
  • Undergo testing: At the minimum, a CBD oil supplement must have the FDA approval. Any additional independent testing can further ensure a supplement’s quality.
  • Be a 100% organic blend: A quality CBD oil supplement must come from a manufacturer that adheres to practices of organic cannabis farming and harvesting.
  • Have high levels of purity: The higher the purity of a CBD oil supplement, the higher CBD content it has and the safer it is.

CBD oil cannot cure your dog from epileptic seizures. But supplementing your pet’s diet with it can help your little friend to suffer from the seizures much less often.

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CBD Oil for Dog Seizures & Epilepsy – Top Cannabis Treats for Pets

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