Chloe Rose Makes Eminem with M&Ms | Art of the Meal

In this episode of Art of the Meal, Thrillist tasks YouTube artist Chloe Rose with creating an edible masterpiece using only M&M’S. With several types of M&M’S, Chloe Rose attempts to make a portrait of rapper Eminem. Tune in to see the final result.

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As kids we were always told not to play with our food. In our new show, Thrillist teams up with YouTube artist Chloe Rose to flip the script with a fun, unique challenge. In each episode, Chloe opens up a Thrillist box that contains a theme and one ingredient she’ll be challenged to create a piece of art with. You could see animal-themed artwork made out of herbs and spices or an outer space-themed piece made out of spam. The possibilities are endless for edible masterpieces.

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Chloe Rose

Senior Producer
Chas Truslow

Associate Producer
Mia Faske

Senior Designer
Maggie Rossetti

Ede Bell Crowder

Danna Windsor

Production Coordinator
Myra Rivera

Programming Coordinator
Madeline Concannon

Line Producer
Emily Tufaro

Post Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne

Director of Development
Leo Fernandez

Creative Director
Audra Pace

Head of Video
Jim D’Amico

Chief Content Officer
Meghan Kirsch

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