Chris Brown Sued by Woman Alleging Sexual Assault and False Imprisonment | TMZ

Chris Brown has just been sued after a woman claims she was raped at his house by one of his friends.


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I have a passion for blogging about what's trending in Hip Hop, R&B, and Celebrity Entertainment. I'm a huge sports fan; my favorite teams are The NY Knicks & NY Jets. I also enjoy spending time with family, and working hard as hard work pays off.

47 thoughts on “Chris Brown Sued by Woman Alleging Sexual Assault and False Imprisonment | TMZ

  1. yeah because with all of the people tryin to lie on him he's still going to offer random hoes drugs and have guns laying around??? they need to leave him alone already

  2. yeah because with all of the people tryin to lie on him he's still going to offer random hoes drugs and have guns laying around??? they need to leave him alone already

  3. They should stop putting Chris Brown’s name on this story when he isn’t the one who allegedly raped this woman. Drawing public attention to this case by dragging someone’s name through the mud is slander

  4. everybody knows and its no secret certain celebrities dont let u have your phone around them hell even bow wow said he doesnt allow it n he's practically nobody im sure they told these females before they decided to join n ion this chris brown is gunna rape nobody after the whole Rihanna shit he cant b that thick

  5. His a F**kin Rapist! Also Shame on Nicky & Rihanna if they don't support this case, They know very well what sort of a character this guy is!

  6. 😂😂wait,so you mean,you can go to a brother's party(most probably under invitation),unfortunately you get sexually "assaulted"…then it's his fault just caz he's got money and status?😕
    what a gold diggin shame

  7. They trying to bury him alive… shit really sad. And people quick to talk down on him. And he ain’t even have shit to do with it. Chris will never get the love he deserves. This guy was supposed to be the next michael jackson. One mistake made him public enemy number 1. I pray GOD keeps his angels around him ❤️🙏🏽 love you bro you always be my inspiration.

  8. Lies you people are HUNGRY FOR MONEY if these people want money, get a job in fact get a LIFE


  9. This is crazy, I sense a conspiracy, whenever he has something going on, some drama "occurs", his tour is about to begin next month. There is someone behind this who doesn't want to see him prosper.

  10. Leave Chris alone why do the media bully Chris like this hes actually a nice guy I always felt sorry for him after the Rihanna incident the whole world bullied him I can't stand Rihanna now! she's another women to cry he beat me yes he did but what about your mind games you played Rihanna there should be laws against provocation too

  11. So if you look up the article, this apparently happened 2017 in February.
    And the lady who is supposedly suing is demanding 17 million from Chris.
    Chris's layer declined lol go get a job lady

  12. The Cosby Effect. Apparently if you tell a grown non-mentally challenged woman to do something (like take a pill) and they do it its your fault because they lack the ability to think for themselves.

  13. Wow , it's always the same script , some bitch is at a celebrity home ..doing what ? Taking a tour ? And like always , somebody forced them to take drugs ? Ok , then they were forced to have sex ? It's the same hustle Everytime .

  14. We went so long without his name being brought up in some bullshit just don't let girls in your house I read the whole story on the news it sounded so retarded but I feel bad for you Chris u need new friends

  15. You'll really think he did this like cmon now look at every black man being accused and why does it happen after something big they do because the white man ain't fucking with it like cmon man

  16. Brown says these how's ain't loyal but always bring them around dummy you 29 with a kid get you a girlfriend settle down grow Tf up

  17. Why does everyone have to do this to Chris Brown he made mistakes but so many people came up with this story and it was proven false everytime they gotta stop

  18. I am not a Chris Brown fan but this is ridiculous they are always attacking him with some made up shit like that incident in 2016. He's like a punching bag for the media.Please leave this man alone.

  19. I thought this was true and I honestly wouldn't put it past him but then I found out the lawyer is Gloria Allred and then I knew it was a lie

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