Claire, Andrew, and Jake (with H.E.R.) – Life’s Good [Official Video presented by LG]

Watch now: the video for “Life’s Good” is out!

So much fun!!! I guided winners Claire Ernst, Andrew Music Williams, and Jake Chapman as they worked to combine their musical talents and styles into one great song!

I hope you enjoy what you hear and want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the participants in this campaign!!!

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Living with the door wide open
cause sometimes you just got to let it in
don’t panic when the door starts closing
cause usually that’s when it all begins
I know its hard to hold on hoping
but one day you’ll be freed of all your sins
all your sins

Smiling’s free and tomorrow may 
not be guaranteed
when the seasons change
and it may not be easy
but I know we’ll make sunshine on a rainy day
Life is good even with all my doubts
and with faith I know 
we’ll get there somehow 
and there may be some problems 
that we have to face
but I know we’ll make a way

Life may come with some obstacles
but don’t you give up 
just keep holding on
cause I believe you will make 
I believe God can turn it around

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