Clay Travis Details Major Flaw in Pac-12 Player Demands

OUTKICK THE COVERAGE – Clay Travis is reacting to a big story out of college football, specifically the Pac-12. Over the weekend, a group of football players out of the Pac-12 wrote a letter in the Players’ Tribune with a number of different demands that they felt need to be met in order for them to play football this fall.

In the letter, a number of different topics were mentioned, including safety protocols for the Coronavirus, fair treatment, concerns over racial issues, and financial demands as well. Many of their demands are absolutely fair and there’s no real reason why they should not be met, especially when it comes to the safety of the players during these Coronavirus times.

However, Clay believes the major demand in this letter is the one pertaining to the financial side of things. The group of players want 50% of each sports total revenue to be evenly distributed among all the athletes in that sport. According to Clay, this is the essence of their demands.

Clay goes into great detail about this demand, explaining why this would be nearly impossible, and what the real ramifications of it would be. There are a lot of people who agree with the sentiment that these athletes should be getting more compensation, but Clay lays out why these particular demands are in fact not even legal under the current law, Title IX.

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