CNN analyst: Sarah Sanders has lost credibility

CNN analyst David Chalian says White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has lost credibility with the American people.


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20 thoughts on “CNN analyst: Sarah Sanders has lost credibility

  1. You can’t trust SHS and nothing coming from the WH. The journalists need to find out their own sources. It happens the same from Conway. They are constant liars. I do not hear their statements. Definitely it is a dysfunctional WH. I believe the free press. Dishonesty is the characteristic of this administration.

  2. President Trump needs to gain a SUPER-MAJORITY this November. BIG MONEY is being spent by Democrats to make it IMPOSSIBLE for President Trump to ACHIEVE his MAKE AMERICA GREAT policies. The Democrats are not only out to IMPEACH this GREAT PRESIDENT, but they CONSTANTLY lie to YOU, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, about the results of their SLOW-WALKING ALL of President Trump's APPOINTEES, and ALL LEGISLATION that would HELP control the ILLEGAL DRUGS that have been coming into AMERICA from Mexico. The TAX REDUCTION BENEFITS that were passed WITHOUT ONE Democratic vote have been an ENORMOUS BENEFIT to DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS (Pelosi and Schumer said that law if passed would HARM YOU (THEY LIED)!!!! They want to keep guns for their "security guards", but take away your guns so that YOU won't be able to defend and protect YOUR FAMILY!!!! These people are the "ELITE" because they have HUGE POWER and YOU are just one of their pawns. Don't believe that? Try to TALK to one of these "ELITE". Try to meet with one of them!!!! Their highly paid "security guards" will PREVENT YOU (their constituency) from any contact with them whatsoever (and that is after YOU have been x-rayed to make sure that YOU are "CLEAN" and NOT A DANGER to YOUR "ELITE" leader(s))!!!!

  3. Well Sarah is just doing what she is paid to do. I just hope after all these scandals she will would have enough honor to quit because she might be held accountable for lying about what Trump is telling her to lie about.

  4. If she gives "bad" information, the problem is that she never returns, apologizes, and corrects it when she learns "better" information. She lies, never gets back with reporters with follow-ups or corrections, and like her boss, never apologizes.

  5. This fucker can’t even tell the truth to his wife, lawyer, or doctor. How are we, people he doesn’t even know, supposed to trust anything he says

  6. Sarah has more "Credibility" in her little finger than CNN has in it's entirety . You guys are your own worst enemy with your transparent false narratives ….keep up the good work dummies

  7. I fail to see why everyone is going after the messenger; Chalian made it abundantly clear: "and if the president does (have a blatant disregard for the truth) that affects the people who speak on his behalf" She does certainly not make these lies up; Trump does. Yes, she's deeply complicit, and she is the one making the lies known, but she is only the messenger.

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