Co-Worker Affair

If your co-worker is married and thinking about making a move on one of your other co-workers, should you warn her husband?

If you’re a virgin and been dating a guy for three months and see a future together, should you just have sex?

Plus, what should you do if your best friend hates your wife?

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21 thoughts on “Co-Worker Affair

  1. Wait, why did Wendy tell her to dump her man?? The man didn't do anything wrong. TF?? She was just asking dumb advice about if she should continue waiting or not. She was looking to you, hoping you would give her the OK to finally have sex…or not. Not dump him. Are you assuming about her man's character or you just hating Wendy?? Cause I don't get it. SMH

  2. Red got in trouble with his wife that day smh you see his reaction when Wendy said do you have children with her???!!! What a wasteman

  3. Oh if only i could speak to that first girl! i, too, was "saving myself" when i suddenly fell into deep with this wonderful, deliciously fine boy and the feelings were mutual. he asked me if i wanted to have sex and when i said i was "waiting until i was in love" he damn near fell out his seat!

    he said "don't wait for 'love', wait for respect." in today's day and age, its not always realistic to stay a virgin until marriage but please do not be out here having sex with people you like or hit it off with. people, especially young men who don't understand how to feel their feelings will turn on you in a SECOND after you sleep with them.
    you will absolutely "hit it off", fall in deep like/love SEVERAL TIMES before you settle down with one person. wait until you want to have sex and until you're with someone who respects you to your very core- and you will know when you do. i'm glad i waited for that person in my life.

  4. Second woman plz u can talk to your friend but u can t tell her husband or yours; u r nosy loud and gossip 30 year old. U r a bad friend really, u come on national tv to ask a silly question.

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