Conner Sleepover – Roseanne

Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) suggests a sleepover when Mary (Jayden Rey) has to stay up late to call her mom overseas. Watch Roseanne Tuesdays at 8|7c on ABC.




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20 thoughts on “Conner Sleepover – Roseanne

  1. The actors sound WAY TOO scripted. Not natural. They are all seem very uncomfortable or unrehearsed. maybe the expectation is TOO great for a plain old TV show.

  2. Omg so so so not funny so sad…..all the jokes are so pushed you can tell. Not natural like the older Rosannes. Times and things change i get that but the 100% of the jokes seem like well there reading from a script thats right in front of them. Again not natural. Huge disappointment

  3. Great to see dj finally for more than just two seconds he has done more press than he has been on camera this season.they could do less of Darlene and more of him

  4. I like this episode in the way that Americans couldn’t get offended or Muslims couldn’t get offended the best part was when Roseanne put the cashier in her place we all live in this country we should all get along…

  5. I wish DJ would have more scenes and since the show is being renewed for another season I hope we'll get to see Jerry and Andy. They should be really close since they're born around the same time/ age range. Really would like to see their personalities and how they've turned out to be.

  6. I wonder if they'll have an episode that deals with racism towards her, especially since her parents are biracial. That is a big issue some of these kids have to deal with.

  7. This was a awesome episode!! So proud of the writters for the way they protrayed the Muslims tonight. Not all of them are evil and this is exactly what this episode teaches. It also teaches us to lend a helping hand to others in their time of need. The Muslims were nice enough to share their wifi password with Roseanne so that Mary could talk to her mom via Skype. Roseanne in return lent the Muslim women 30 bucks to help pay for food her food stamps wouldn't cover while at the grocery store. Again really well written!!

  8. Yeah, let's cuddle up to a 1400 year old sex and death cult that's racked up over 270 million deaths in that time as well as taking millions of slaves for labor and sex.
    Yeah, I'm really weepy over manufactured feelings porn about a muslim kid wearing a vest while there are active genocides going on right now in several Islamic countries against non-muslims, gays and apostates. I'm doubly weepy and extra sensitive to the "muslim plight" (who wouldn't want shariah to replace democracy!? Morons…) after sharing a neighborhood with a jihadi (Chattanooga shooting).
    Why are westerners, Americans in particular, so willfully ignorant about islam? It's been 17 years since 9/11 and still there's so much ignorance about the world's most obvious sex and death cult in history.
    The quran and sunnah (practices and sayings by and about muhammad). That's it. Pick them up or read online for yourselves. ( is crap since they got rid of all but 1 translation. So easy, a caveman can do it, but "allah" forbid the so-called intellectuals actually do any damned research for themselves on islam, instead favoring gobbling down propaganda turds like candy on the subject. Also is an easy to understand guide of Islamic issues using Muslim sources, so they have no excuses for the sheer amount of bs contained in islam. It's nonreligious and non-partisan. It also features a monthly tally of terrorist attacks and shows daily news reports so you get to see the scope of how dangerous and far-reaching this cult truly is.
    Remember: an "islamophobe" is someone who knows more than they should about islam. We don't call people who have a legitimate dislike for smoking "Marlborophobes" do we? Stop letting liars, rapists, child molesters and murders pretend to be victims and fool you with PC bs!

  9. Love the show overall. I will say the bullet proof vest on the kid was excessive. Americans dont shoot Arabs for sport and Arab parents arent that paranoid, otherwise they wouldnt come here. You should do an episode where the Conors go to Yemen and see how welcome they would be .

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