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Submissions are the essential ingredient to our success, and the ones we love, we truly support in every way we can. We want to count you among our crew, but we need your help to do it.  Help spread the word about

For submissions ensure that you include detailed information about what’s being submitted; social network info., upcoming projects if any, a Hi-Res photo & any relevant details as well.

If the submission lacks the specified information then it won’t even be reviewed at all. To ensure that your submission makes it to the content review panel include as much information as possible with your submission.

All submissions will be reviewed by staff; if selected your submission will be posted within three days. When posted please ensure to Tweet it as much as you can and share our post on your Facebook and other social sites.

We also offer low-priced promotional packages, if you want to premiere your material here contact us to discuss a custom package. We want to be a part of your campaign; we work with all budgets.

Note: Everything that’s posted on Getmybuzzup gets automatically pushed to our following social media outlets such as Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ & more.. If you would like for your submission to be pushed to our premium networks such as Stumbleupon and Digg to name a few that can be negotiated as well.

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Interested in being a guest blogger/contributor please read below. 

If you interested in becoming a guest blogger/contributor for  GetMyBuzzUp please contact us to discuss further. Note: This is a non paid position.

Here are the qualities were looking for:

  • The person must have a serious passion for hip hop, sports, gossip and have an awareness of current events in the Hip Hop culture.
  • The person must be social media savvy. For example: someone who stays active on twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc.
  • The person must also be willing to listen to and review a new submissions made to GetMyBuzzUp.

What were not looking for:

  • Artists: we’re not interested in someone that’s motivated by pushing their own music in this role.
  • Publicists or promoters: We don’t want anyone that’s motivated by pushing music they are paid to promote.
  • Relatives/Friends of artists: We’re not looking for anyone motivated to push the music of their brother, sister, 1st or 2nd cousins (nor play cousins), in-laws, etc.etc…….

Any other questions you may have please feel free to contact us.

For media coverage

If you would like for Getmybuzzup to cover your event. Please send a detailed email to buzzthat[at]getmybuzzupdotcom. Then someone from the PR department will follow up. This also applies to request for interviews as well.

Email for more information: publicrelations[at]

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