How to Convert A Steel Building into A Residential Home?

By Jack Barnes

How many times have you worried about buying a new home? Well, we’re assuming it’s a whole lot of times. The real estate market is a great sector. However, with its growing popularity comes a major price tag. Also, not to forget the cost that comes with building a new home. With this issue we introduce steel building conversion. Metal buildings can be really useful and not only with the industrial sector, but with the residential as well. So, without further ado, let us look at some tips on how to convert that old steel building into the living space of your dreams.

  1. Be Realistic

It’s always bad to depend on unrealistic standards when it comes to putting something into action. The same goes for home conversions. Because of this, it is important to discuss the matters relevant to the conversion with your manufacturer. He/she would be a professional so their advice would come in handy in case your vision for the home is too impossible to recreate. Ask your contractor about the changes you’d like to make and let he/she inform you about the approximate charges beforehand. This is because if the remodeled home ends up costing as much as a brand-new home, we think you’d prefer the latter anyway so the effort would go to waste.

  1. Execute Zoning Details

Zoning is probably one of the most important factors you have to consider before moving into your converted home. This is especially crucial if the metal building you’ve chosen was in a industrial or commercial area. You have to have it zoned to a residential area in order to legally live there. Also, while we’re on the legal aspect of things, you must also revise any permits before starting the converting process. You don’t really want to pay any fines later on without knowing if the building is permitted or not.

  1. Know Your Basics

Before beginning the building process, you must keep the basics in mind first. Do not get carried away by your visions for the home. Although it is important, without the foundation, your plan would eventually collapse. Think about the roof for example. When it comes to insulation, you might have to revamp or upgrade it as a residential home requires more than a commercial steel building already has. Plumbing and door status should be evaluated before any major work is done in order to prevent any mishaps later on. Also, make sure to check steel building prices effectively if you don’t have one already.

  1. Ventilation Status

Like we said earlier, it is important to evaluate the basics of conversion before actually getting into the process. A major part of this is how much ventilation the building would provide when made into a home. Would there be enough area to make windows? How many windows would be enough? These are the questions you should take into consideration. Also, light is another important factor. You can add skylights wherever possible to give your new home a fresh, illuminated and breezy feel.

  1. Sheet Rock to The Rescue

In order to seal the applied insulation, a barrier of sheetrock should be applied as well. What this does is create a boundary between the wall space and the people in your home. This has two benefits. Not only is it very attractive and makes your walls look even better but it is also a sound proof mechanism. When we talk about soundproofing we don’t only mean between rooms. In the monsoon season, you can easily be prevented from the annoyance that comes with rain hitting that metal roof of yours. So, make sure to add sheetrock to your final touches.

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How to Convert A Steel Building into A Residential Home?

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