Cool Sports Tattoos For Men


By Helen Rogers

Sports tattoos are considered to be the marks of pride for all those people, who are engaged in any type of sport. These tattoos bring the sport’s commitment to the next level and they are worn by athletes, fans, and sport-lovers. Sport is one of the life’s foundations as it reveals the best in the human nature: determination and grit. It helps people to realize what they are capable of, cultivate discipline and dedication. So, nothing looks cooler than the tattoo, dedicated to your favorite team, the kind of sport or an athlete.

Here is the collection of the best tattoos for men, express your loyalty to sports through these tattoos!

Variations And Meanings Of Sports Tattoos

There are many versions of these tattoos. They may be done in various styles: realism, traditional, neo-traditional, tribal, linework, dotwork, watercolor. And these tattoos may be placed on any body part. Here are some variations and meanings of tattoos you may consider.

Sportsmen Faces Tattoos


Soccer players, boxers, athletes can be the prototypes and the sources of inspiration for the tattoo. For a dedicated fan, nothing is impossible. Often, the tattoo of famous athletes has a clear meaning: it shows admiration and respect for the athlete. Also, the person with this tattoo respects the strength of the spirit of his role model and his success and victories inspire him. For instance, the faces of Mike Tyson, David Beckham, Michael Phelps are chosen as tattoo designs.

Basketball Tattoos


Basketball is the game, loved by people all over the world. According to the SGMA’s U.S. Trends in Team Sports research, over 26 million Americans play basketball.

So, if you are a basketball player, a fan or just like this game, consider getting this tattoo done. Here are some variations:

  • NBA players are depicted in a realistic style, in a linework style, or in a cartoon style. This tattoo is put on the arm, the chest, the back. The design says about the aspiration of the person to be successful, talented, and prosperous.
  • The basketball ball is a common design. Usually, it is colorful and may have a 3-D effect.
  • The basketball ball pierced with a dagger is also popular. It symbolizes sport as a heavy physical and moral work.
  • A basketball hoop and a ball in it is an option. It may be a fiery ball, done in various bright colors, or the design may be black and white. It symbolizes the ability to achieve success.
  • The basketball ball with chains and the lock is always put on the chest. This tattoo carries a deep symbolism – sweat, pain, blood, and tears are put in this game because it is in the heart.
  • A tribal ball is a wonderful way to represent any culture and love for the game.
  • A basketball shirt with a number indicates love and respect for the certain basketball player.

Baseball Tattoos


Fans love baseball for different reasons: for some of them, this game is a lifelong passion, others like the feeling they get when their favorite team wins, it gives them the feeling of unification with the team. But whatever the reason is, having a baseball tattoo is a perfect way to express your dedication. Here are different variations you may check out:

  • A ball with beads and a cross. This tattoo may be either monochrome or colorful. It carries a religious meaning and may signify that sport as well as life, is full of ups and downs and the person should remain strong.
  • The ball and the skull are the example of the dark and aggressive combination, which many men like. It looks especially bold in a tribal style and it may be put on the arm, the back and the chest. This design may express the rebellious spirit of the man.
  • Team logos and emblems express love and respect for your favorite team.
  • Portraits of players such as Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson are depicted in various styles. They signify admiration.
  • The ball/a cap/sneakers/a glove – these details are iconic for all baseball fans. They may be depicted in different colors: red, orange, black, white, blue.
  • Stitching on the ball is considered to be the symbol of this game. Usually, it is depicted in red shades in a traditional style or in a hyper-realistic style.
  • The ball and the eagle are a patriotic combination as the Bald Eagle is the national bird of the USA. This tattoo may speak about love for the team and for the country.

Fitness Tattoos


Fitness is a huge part of people’s lives. It helps to stay healthy, young, emotionally stable and balanced. Statistics show that 22.7 percent of men participated in sports, exercise and recreational activities every day in 2016 in the USA. So, many men decide to have fitness tattoos done in order to capture their success in sports or just show their love for fitness. Here are several options:

  • A running man tattoo is often done in a linework or dotwork style. This type of athletic tattoos indicates great willpower and the desire to develop and achieve success not only in sports but in life.
  • The running man with a heartbeat stands out for the idea that sport is life.
  • A dumbbell tattoo is chosen by sportsmen, who aren’t afraid of difficulties.
  • A Kettlebell tattoo is usually black and white and it says about stability, harmony, and strength.

Other Sports Tattoos


These tattoos are worn by men to express their bravery, determination, physical and emotional strength. Besides, having athletic tattoos is a perfect way to become a part of the team of fans of a certain kind of sport or show admiration. Here are tattoos you may consider before getting inked:

  • A racing tattoo is loved by freedom-loving people, who are impulsive and passionate. Usually, these tattoos are black and white. The design encompasses several details: cars, motorbikes, and a checkered flag.
  • A snowboarding tattoo is worn on arms and legs and it represents the idea of the fight for success.
  • A tennis tattoo is worn by sportsmen and people, who used to achieve success without any help. The design may be small or large, monochrome or colorful.
  • A surfing tattoo is about love for life, freedom, the ocean. People with an innovative thinking wear this design. It looks especially great in a realistic and watercolor style. Major details are waves and people on the surfboard.
  • The boxing gloves tattoo is either black and white or red. Gloves indicate a brave or even aggressive man. Besides, if the gloves are depicted with a name, it may be a memorial tattoo.
  • A cycling tattoo is dynamic and has a 3-D effect. It displays the man on the bicycle or the bicycle itself. The tattoo says that the person is focused on the self-development.
  • A soccer ball and sneakers tattoo indicates a cheerful man who always achieves goals and does not lose heart because of failures.

Ideas Of Sports Tattoos

Scroll down and check out these tattoo ideas to show your love for the sport or support for the favorite squad.

A Football Tattoo


This full sleeve tattoo looks realistic, the combination of red and gray colors is appealing. Definitely, this tattoo was made to feel a part of the team. The owner is a faithful fan of the football club “Liverpool.”

A Baseball Tattoo


This baseball tattoo on the shoulder is simple, yet it has a deep symbolism. A black hand is holding a baseball helmet, which signifies the victory in life. It may be the victory in sport, in business or the victory over the personal fears.

A Basketball Tattoo


This full-back basketball tattoo strikes. Only the person, who is in love with this kind of sport, may wear this design. It is not bright, yet complicated as it depicts the basketball legend – Michael Jordan, who played in the team “Chicago Bulls.” The inscription, the image of the bull and a subtle landscape of the city complement the overall design. This tattoo expresses respect and admiration.

A Snowboarding Tattoo


Volumetric snowboard tattoos are something, which is worth wearing! Express your rebellious spirit, a thirst for adventure, fortitude through a colorful snowboard tattoo, which gives a 3-D effect! Have the image of a snowboarder in the background of the snowy peak inked on your shoulder blade.

A Surfing Tattoo


Nothing is more beautiful than a full sleeve realistic tattoo, full of striking details. This is a perfect way to express your love for the nature, the ocean, the beauty of the world. Cover your arm from the shoulder to the wrist with the design of the man with a surfboard, blue waves, a vivid sunset with palm trees. Besides, don’t forget about the depiction of the underwater world – fish and corals will add a zest to the tattoo.

Hence, get inspired by these cool tattoos and get inked to express yourself!

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Cool Sports Tattoos For Men


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