Cooper: Does anyone care when Trump lies?

Amid news that President Trump’s former physician admitted to having the President’s health letter dictated, CNN’s Anderson Cooper fact checks other dubious claims made by Trump.


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49 thoughts on “Cooper: Does anyone care when Trump lies?

  1. What Ari meant to ask, but was too nice to say out loud: What does it say about a patient whose lifelong personal physician is a bona fide ass-clown? Perfect doctor, I guess, for a man who largest health problem is a follicular union strike.

  2. And FDR lied about being in a wheelchair. Where is the uproar about him? All presidents tell white lies to boost their image. The reason conservatives put up with his bullshit is because he gets the important things right. Smaller government, deregulation, strong economy, and foreign policy that puts America first. We didn't vote in a politician, we voted in a TV star to shake up a dysfunctional government. His image has been so slandered, I bet he feels he has no other choice. If he lies about something that actually matters, then you have my attention.

  3. David Urban has that special look of permanent spin stress: when the next IKEA part will only fit in one correct orientation out of a dozen nearly identical twists and turns.

    Spin stress is not exactly fear. If only dogs could talk, we might discover more than we think.

    Canine "tasting" notes: yup, definitely that sour BBQ assembly smell. Anticipation … is making me wag.

    To a canine, BBQ assembly looks very, very complex. Like Noah's ark, they aren't entirely sure how all that yummy flesh comes out of such a small, confined space; nevertheless, in summer months it's more reliable than a magician's hat (so long as they get it together in the first place when the cardboard hits the paving stones). Dogs don't worship humans for our hunting skills; it's BBQ assembly skill that they truly admire—even if your loyal master betrays a few hours or days of that sour, spin-stress fear smell.

    Kellyanne's pooch must be the most loyal pooch, ever. "I don't know when she's going to get this massive BBQ project finished, but it'll be the GREATEST MOST AWESOME BBQ of all time." I must say, that's one poor, deluded mutt.

  4. Every single word out of bozo obamas mouth for the last 10 years was a lie. Hitlery Clinton is an habitual LIAR also but you commies on the left never cared about that. President Trump is probably the most honest american president since Lincoln. 7 more years of greatness, so get over it you losing lefty liar commies!!

  5. This first "example" is not a lie – Trump never said he didn't help in preparing the letter.  Another CNN Fail.  To us Trumpsters, we knew Trump was probably trolling the media and didn't care.  We think you are stupid – we know it is true.  Who knows how long you have to live when you reach 70 as people much younger can drop dead of a heart attack.  Trump acts and appears very healthy and Hillary does not – there is way more truth than CNN can tell.  The second "example" is another CNN lie.  The media has been caught so many times twisting the truth about Trump that it no longer has any credibility.  The two pictures are not comparable.  As I understand it the two pictures were taken at different times before the beginning of the respective inaugural speeches.  Regardless, BLM was outside the Mall area at Trump's Inauguration (a fact not hardly reported by MSM) and they were assaulting people and significantly slowing the flow of people into the mall area in the final minutes.  Pictures taken during the two respective speeches appear to have comparable crowds but admittedly Obama's in-person may have been a bit larger, however, the larger audience for the two speeches, including TV, radio and the internet, were never discussed by MSM and this is what Trump referred to, in part.  Lastly, MSM sites the Access Hollywood tape as evidence of sexual assault.  Not one attorney was ever brought onto your network to dissect the specific language Trump used but luckily Trumpsters have common sense.  Again CNN and MSM lied about that, too, as Trump, in context, stated that when you are a star women let a you (a man/him) grab them by the pu55y.  It's not entirely clear Trump ever did any grabbing himself only from this statement, to be technical about it.  Assuming he probably did the statement clearly asserts that the women let, or allow, the groping.  This isn't too shocking to most people who see how women throw themselves at certain men like musicians, movie stars etc., it is pretty disgusting and that's the larger truth.  Before I get a ton of responses, I'll say I'm not going to respond to any of them.  Truth is a lot like beauty and so far as CNN is concerned the lies told by them are all 'butes.

  6. Trumpeteers don't watch any news that reports facts…must don't know he lies nor have the character to search for the truth..

  7. after you hold an elected official to their promise, and they dont fulfill, then you stop supporting them, and stop crying about what they arent doing, bill lied to everyone on the TV to our faces.. he is trash.. be stupid more and get the same stupid results more. that is science.

  8. if its not illegal to lie as the president then there is no deterrent…. if you set it up so the prez can lie to you anytime, and you accept that system,, then its your own fault.. you get what you pay for

  9. Cooper`s show is the lowest rated show of all the cable news networks. CNN`s ratings suck just as bad.
    Trump 2020!

  10. i understand cnn wants to have people from both sides to discuss trump issues but people who defend trump are unreasonable and they just seem to express illogical statements left and right. it stops being a worthy discussion in my opinion

  11. Does anybody care Trump's done EVERYTHING he said he would. Minus the wall, which he's done everything in his power to build. And NOTHING CNN and other fake news networks said would happen has happened. The economy is better than ever, and FINALLY the USA isn't seen as a spineless joke on the world stage. Trump's done more for peace than any sweaty Hippi ever did! Wake up and open your eyes! Trump has helped Make American Great Again for ALL men and women of ALL races and nationalities.

  12. your all a waste of time, oxygen, internet bandwidth, vocabulary, You CNN are like groundhog day. Here is a thought, stop covering the moron and give use all a break please.

  13. It’s a sad day when Americans don’t care about the quality of the man or woman that leads them. Trump lies and puts this country at risk but his supporters just don’t see it or understand the gravity of the situation. That idiot trump has the nuclear codes!! Looking back we have to thank the Clintons and Obamas for the rise of trump! End of the day it’s an education problem! The ignorant can be easily blinded by fast talking pigs!

  14. 牟爷,还好没壞人卫星大災祸,,,。

  15. I care! I care that a mind boggling number of lemmings have fastened their lips to Trump's ass and for reasons that I simply cannot fathom, they believe that someone in Big Business, a corporate shark and con man who defrauded his honest contractors regularly, is going to give them a fair shake and better representation in the government! Big Business doesn't give a tinker's cuss about the average working person, much less those on low income or poverty-stricken. Such people ceased to be human to them ages ago. People like us are measured not as American citizens, but as monetizable data-sets to be bought and sold and otherwise ignored.

    If you're not in the top 1 or 2% in this country, you fly so far below Trump's radar that you are merely a swarm of mindless sheep that he can steer to suit his fancy. "You all should be afraid of what is in vaccinations!" The sheep herd runs madly to one end of the field. "We're going to re-energize the coal industry, and put coal miners back to work!" The sheep herd runs headlong to the same section of the field which also happens to be near a cliff. "I'm a deal-maker! I make the best deals!" The sheep run into the sheep standing at the end of the field and push the fence closer to the cliff edge, confident that he has their best interests at heart.

    Meanwhile, he's already calculated his odds of winning a bet that the sheep will blindly run off the cliff while believing they are still safe; the per kilo price of mutton and wool on the wholesale market; and made a few phone calls to foolish buyers who might buy the sheep just before he runs them off a cliff.

    He doesn't care about sheep. He never has, and he doesn't care about people either. But he loves the fact that there are factions that become scared at every knee-jerk perception of being slighted or passed over. He's not going to fix those things, which may be real social ills that need remedy. No, he'll patch them with some yik-yak on TV or Twitter that the sheep will believe, and while they're all running to one end of the field, he's moved on to other things until they remember that he actually hasn't delivered on any of the things he's promised.

    And while all the sheep in the US are busy being panicked and are making him money, he's busy leeching the office of the President for every bit of money grubbing fame and favor he can get. He puts his fellow business men in charge of stuff like the EPA if they are willing to cut him a deal on gas emissions so that the car industry doesn't have to keep their toxic fumes out of our breathing air. After all, if the car lobby can secure lower emissions, they might just be willing to convince the unions that work for them to vote a particular way. All you have to do is convince the ones who run the union.

    Trump's whole game pivots on the malodorous and malignant willingness of the Republicans to accept anything he throws at them. It's like watching vultures or hyenas continue to dine on a maggot-ridden corpse. There is just so much corruption that there is enough to feed them all. They live in anticipation of the next load of offal to be dumped in front of them.

    The few Republicans who do have spines and a sense of moral compass have resigned or retired, no longer willing to be spoon heaping quantities of lies and fetid policies that no one has bothered to read the paperwork for. No, there are plenty who are willing to sacrifice any integrity they may have had by sheepishly following along and letting Trump keep them as extra people he can throw under the bus.

    Lies are cheap and easily spun, and once unraveled, he should be done.
    But his supporters, believe all he tweets, no matter who it is he cheats.

  16. Only half of Americans care. You know that, right?
    Maybe the left doesn't realize how bad this really is. It's not a nightmare, it's HAPPENING! And it's happening to the entire world.

  17. Actually. Donald Trump is the heaviest President since William Taft. Trump is a unhealthy 270lbs. Trump is the most oddly-shaped President. Ever see him play golf? Look at his shorts. His fat, tree-stump looking legs about to burst. Trump's ass looks like he's smuggling McDonald's double-cheese burgers.

  18. Does anyone care if cnn tells the truth, what is the truth my God cnn said Hillary name and if Hillary
    did that! What she deleted 30,000 emails and lie did you count how many times she lied, everything out of hear mouth is a lie just like cnn.

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