Cooper: White House not concerned with truth

CNN’s Anderson Cooper explains how the White House has been neither truthful nor transparent with the American people regarding the Stormy Daniels controversy.


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25 thoughts on “Cooper: White House not concerned with truth

  1. has anyone else noticed that the tweet refers to Cohen as an attorney. not my attorney (if Trump is actually doing the tweeting) or Trump's attorney (if someone else did the tweet). even the clip on Air Force One Trump first says my attorney then there is a pause and then he is says an attorney.

  2. Giuliani wants to shag Ivanka that’s why he said she’s untouchable !! He’s pissed off with her being a daughter-wife

  3. I was just at the NRA site that Trump is about to speak on. I was amazed by the streaming comments. Has to be about 99% educated, proud American people making positive comments on that site about America and its President. . I compare that with the spilt between the 50% of the comments that hate CNN and the other 50% that come from institutionalized people that think CNN is a news organization. Even her a very pro CNN site 697 – 141. 600 of the 697 work for CNN.

  4. Rudy is a troll and a Traitor. He's up to his eyeballs in the Russian Collusion scandal. America is in great peril. Do not wait for the 2018 mid-terms Americans. Go out on the street. Go to the barricades. General Strike 2018. Shut the country down! 100M people marching until Congress gets rid of the Trump meanace and Justice puts the Traitors in prison.

  5. It would be very easy to get Trump to testify. just change the the oath to, (do you swear on this bible that you will say anything but the truth so help you God,)

  6. Who cares? Clinton had his Monica, Obama his secret gay lovers like Sinclair who was not so secret, JFK had Monroe, and Roosevelt had his Lucy Rutherfurd, and who knows how many more all the way back to Jefferson and his slave mistress. Right now Trump is Making America Great. His Jerusalem was Biblical to say the least, and he may have brought Peace by Ending the Korean War. If Trump is the Great Peacemaker that will bring the entire world peace for the next few decades then having a night with Stormy is no big deal!

  7. Giuliani either wanted to downplay the money, or the suit by a porn star. He said Trump approved of his talking to Hannity. They don't care about the lies. It's just how Trump operates.

  8. DOES ANYONE SEE, that the president is using the media to get answers. Also he sees that if he could just go on the media or send somebody like Giuliani on the media running your mouth. Then, they wait, to see what you guys are going to say . so he can learn how to defend himself and Michael Avenatti helps him the most. It seems every time they put their foot in their mouth you guys talk about it, then they rebuttal and are able to cover up their mistake because you guys are kind of helping them by telling them all the legalities etc. I don't know how you guys can get around reporting too much which is helping, if there's illegal things going on. You're helping them defend themselves.

  9. As pr May 1st 2018, Trump has made a total of 3,001 false or misleading claims in 465 days.
    During the Michigan rally, he broke his own record with 44 false or misleading claims in just 80 minutes. (source: WaPo )

  10. Wrong Anderson it is you and your shit propaganda outlet that not only are not concerned with the Truth but you corrupt shitheads cover up the Truth with your lies

  11. Why is all this Stormy Daniels talk dominating the news? This country has more important issues. POTUS denies the Stormy Daniels story, but even if the sexual relationship were true…..
    They are consenting adults.
    It happened years ago in their personal lives, not in public office, not in the White House.
    No crime was committed.
    In other words, it may be immoral, but not illegal (if it even happened at all).

  12. hannity really has no right to be surprised or alarmed by rudolph's admissions: sean's open maw has been the republicans' litterbox for years.

  13. Sarah Sanders blames Trump for giving her false information. Conway says she didn't know about the Porn Star payment during the campaign. Watch them all peel off from the White House and claim they "didn't know". Rats jumping Ship. So much for Loyalty.

  14. More CNN reporters have lost their jobs for lying then anyone on trump team, figure that out fake news CNN

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