Corbin, Lil Tracy & Black Kray – Hello There (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Corbin, Lil Tracy & Black Kray - Hello There (Directed by Cole Bennett)

The Third Single from the Lyrical Lemonade Album

Corbin, Lil Tracy & Black Kray – Hello There

Director + Executive Producer: Cole Bennett
Song Produced by: Daniyel, Marvy Ayy, Car!ton & Jacob Lincoln

Executive Producer: Jake Millan
Head of Production: Krista Worby
Dir. of Photography: Brett Arndt
Production Designer: Cody Fusina

Editor: Cole Bennett
VFX: Max Colt & Kayo
3D Animation: Kayo
Paper Film Print: Goood Dylan
Color Grade: Loren White
Additional Footage: Sam McGrath

1st AD: Kelo
Production Manager: Kateland Cornine
2nd AD: Khyber Law
Assistant to Director: Joe Rocha

1st AC: Gray McClamrock
2nd AC: Rich Song
BTS: Sam McGrath

Chief Lighting Technician: Tristan Moffatt
BBE: Travis Moffatt
Skylight Balloon Lighting: Marc Shearer
Key Grip: Mark Beckerman
BBG: Julio Barrera

Art Director: Mitchell Dillon
Set Decorator: Emmett “E.T” Tekstra

Stylist: Aunna Kelly
Styling Assistants: Vanessa Arturet and Madelynn Parker

Prod. Asst.: Malachi Barnes
Prod. Asst.: Ryan Davis
Prod. Asst. Truck: Afolake Akingba
Prod. Asst. Truck: Mckay LeDuke
Prod. Asst. Pass Van: Nate Wilson
Set Medic: Mario Jr Moran

An Interpolation of Blink 182’s “I Miss You”

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