‘Cosby’ actor speaks out after being job-shamed

Geoffrey Owens, who played Elvin Tibideaux on “The Cosby Show” from 1985 to 1992, speaks out after being job-shamed online and blames news organizations for taking advantage of “seeing the exalted fallen.”

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25 thoughts on “‘Cosby’ actor speaks out after being job-shamed

  1. Why would shame, make fun of a man making an honest living. He is being of service to the patrons in his community. I hope Tyler hooks him up. Just in case yall dont know social media is killing humanity. Its make us do means things for likes and attention. Bill Cosby give this man some money, its the least u could do.

  2. Those who are job shaming him better keep your resumes on standby he had made more money than yall would ever see it can happen to you

  3. Only a mere percentage of actors make it in Hollywood. What are they supposed to do?! Work!

  4. Well known people who work regular jobs should be forced to wear disguises.

  5. Bet his boss didn't no who he was. I feel a blessing coming his way. Do it GOD.

  6. I don’t get it,he hit the “jackpot” again….And in between,it doesn’t look 👀 like he missed a meal! 🥘 🤔🤷‍♂️✌️

  7. This dude is a class act! It doesn't matter how much money you have you cant buy class. Just ask Trump hahaha

    Yes i went there lol.

  8. You can tell the condition of the people in the world when a man is being shamed for doing honest work.

  9. I'm glad that he felt the love of all of the people standing up for him on Twitter, before he had much time to feel shitty from being shamed. I was concerned about that, so I'm glad that we're hearing his response to all of this. I hope he gets called in by bigger names whose memory of him has now been jogged, and that he gets plenty of work from being right for the part. He's a cool guy, he's an active and competent actor, there's just only so many actors who can be rich and famous. Plenty more smaller-name actors are vital to making our entertainment as good as it is, and they work regular jobs in between gigs, just as so many regular people do. That's the norm, and there's absolutely no shame in that.

  10. i love ppl like this chap who just gets out there and works his ass of to keep the roof over his familys heads….he just gets on with it…..what a nice ,easy going,happy go lucky person he is….success is after living many yrs …with all the ups & downs we all go thru…..you either end up No1 bitter….No2 sweet….as in your thoughts & thinking….. this chap is a success….his ended up ….sweet as…..success is all in the mind………peace of mind …is the secret to success…….PEACE…..HAPPINESS….AND ALL THINGS GOOD TO ONE & ALL……………RESPECT……ALWAYS & FOREVER……CHEERS….x

  11. So he's putting his pride aside to do what's necessary to put food on the table. What's the problem here again?

  12. What the devil ment for bad GOD will turn it around for your good. And Arnold from different world worked as a security guard.

  13. This just proves that all people are disgusting and even the ones that swear they aren't.

  14. People shaming a hard worker father , even it was true, are the low live of humanity. Mr. Owens stay proud and decent and let all these shameful people get back to Trump country.

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