Cowboys’ Bo Scarbrough to Ezekiel Elliot: Take Me Under Your Wing! | TMZ Sports

Cowboys' Bo Scarbrough to Ezekiel Elliot: Take Me Under Your Wing! | TMZ Sports

Dallas Cowboys rookie RB Bo Scarbrough has a message for Ezekiel Elliott — HELP ME HELP YOU!!


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20 responses to “Cowboys’ Bo Scarbrough to Ezekiel Elliot: Take Me Under Your Wing! | TMZ Sports”

  1. Look like the NFC EAST trying to run the rock this year damn look at the RBs in that conference, crazy!

  2. Bo…. keep your head down and your mouth shout and learn that damn playbook….. oh ya… leave your lil homey at homey!!!

  3. 7th round pick can't buy much like Ferraris which might be his whole rookie salary. Tmz dude doesn't know the analytics of draft pick money apparently

  4. This is a huge problem with professional sports. He couldn't speak properly if his life depended on it. Education was last on his list of priorities. Its teaching these young kids that school means nothing. They dont understand that very few kids will ever make it in professional sports. We need educated young men coming out of college not illiterate men without a clue. These people end up broke when they retire because they're ignorant and blow their money on cars and houses they can't afford after football. It's just sad. Look at someone like Tyson. One of the greatest fighters in the world. Hes lost everything owed millions in taxes and is just now starting to bounce back. He was an uneducated street kid that made it. Every kids dream from the hood. There needs to be an emphasis placed on money management and investments. Simple education teaches that. It drives me crazy knowing I'll make less in my 35 year of back breaking work then these players make in a single season. They blow through the money then cry broke because of their ignorance. I think the pay should substantially decrease and the amount of players entering should at least double. Football should double their games per season and more fines and deductions for not winning should be in effect. Players like Johnny Manziel cost the browns millions and he's trying to get back in the league. Bullshit! They need to let someone else come in that wont screw up and deserves the opportunity. It's just my opinion and to most it means nothing but something needs to change and now not later.

  5. Scarborough stay away from TMZ

  6. Zeke gives defenses enough trouble, now they gotta worry about Bo running at them. Gonna tear those defenses apart.

  7. As a cowboys fan this guy has a very good attitude.

  8. Shut the hell up TMZ! Quit stirring shit up and causing drama! Bo Scarbrough has an awesome attitude hopefully we can get that Lombardi trophy this year!

  9. Glad we got Bo. Hope he stays injury free

  10. Does that TMZ reporter really talk like that? Hell no! condescending prick! Interview this young man properly and don't just assume you have to throw street slang into your speech. "Ah dope"

  11. lol…… the nfc east rivals ain't gonna be happy campers after they see this guy running in preseason. He was touted as one of the best his freshmen year and being a 7th rounder,…….. WELL…….. this guy is chewing nails.

  12. Him and Zeke could be power version of the saints bckfield

  13. All these rookies talk in Superbowl …. I love it!!!!

  14. I like bro already!!!

  15. Bro bo isn't making much money compared to the average nfl pkayer but i guess to the average go like myself he balling but still no reaseon for him to splurge what he gets..

  16. TMZ trying to get anything on Zeke.

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