Cut for Time: Casual Friday on the Death Star – SNL

In this 2001 Cut for Time sketch from Season 26, the crew of the Death Star (Charlie Sheen, Chris Kattan, Will Ferrell) adopts casual Friday.


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Author: TVQueenie

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46 thoughts on “Cut for Time: Casual Friday on the Death Star – SNL

  1. If Palpatine was in character, he'd actually have them wear embarrassing outfits to make them insecure and more loyal to having those pictures to blackmail them with.

  2. I like how almost everyone is wearing a Vader helmet like they got them in bulk from the star wars store.

  3. Noticed Charlie couldn't be bothered to learn his lines in this,you could see him reading autocue…he was probably to busy thinking about butt fucking Corey Haim😨

  4. Noooooooo! I forgot to wear my 'I'm one with the Force, and the Force is with me' t-shirt. May the fourth be with you though.

  5. I thought Vader was played by Ferrell as well until he showed up elsewhere. then thought Parnell; now convinced it is Hammond! I believe the stormtrooper is played by Jerry Minor (his only season). Can't peg Boba Fett yet! Not set on Parnell or Fallon, nor Horatio, could be a writer… If aired, this would've been Tina's first sketch performance as castmember (outside WU or playing herself…..)

  6. How did sheen become a multi millionaire? He's an awful actor! But….he is a pedophile .makes sense anybody notice you don't hear about him anymore he lays low since Trump is in office

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