Dame Dash CONFRONTS Lee Daniels Over NOT PAYING HIM $2M During LIVE EVENT!!

Everyone knows that Damon Anthony Dash does not play when it comes to his money, so why do people keep testing him? Not even celebrity status will keep Dame from coming for you, and that is a lesson Lee Daniels is about to find out the hard way.

According to TMZ, Dash has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Daniels—alleging the Hollywood producer and director went back on an agreement to put Dash on as executive producer of a Richard Pryor biopic. Dash also was allegedly promised 5 percent of Daniels’ backend profits for the project.

Dash is accusing Daniels of bailing on the project and not delivering on his promises.

Dash previously sued Daniels in 2014 over a loan he allegedly made that Daniels never paid back. TMZ reports that this latest suit is related to a settlement agreement the two men reached in 2015.

For his part, Dash took to Instagram to put Daniels on blast. He posted a video that shows him confronting Daniels about the money last week at a Diana Ross concert at the Hollywood Bowl. In the video, Daniels seems to agree that he owes Dash money and tells him that he will give it to him.

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