Dana White Shares His Darkest Moment & Timeline of UFC, Talks Trump & Jake Paul | The Pivot Podcast

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Dana White shares his dark moment around the sale of UFC, his relationship with Trump and addresses Jake Paul in an open and brutally honest discussion this week on The Pivot.

The UFC President and Business Icon invites Ryan, Fred and Channing to UFC headquarters and doesn’t hold back as he talks tough topics with the guys.

As Ryan asks Dana about his mindset during the business dealing of the UFC, Dana breaks down in a vulnerable moment saying how he shut down and went through a very dark time when the sale of the UFC was happening- “I locked myself in a hotel room off the radar and was really F’d up for a few days,” as he explains the moment.

Dana goes on to share with Fred and Channing how when the UFC was a nothing brand yet that no one wanted to deal with, one person had his back and let him host events and that was Donald Trump. He discusses his long relationship with the former President and goes on to explain how we all have friends who we don’t always agree with on everything but it doesn’t change us from being their friend.

Getting into the pay scale of fighters and often criticized business end of UFC, Dana explains his “eat what you kill”’motto which is something Channing is a big proponent of.

One important message he gets across is that you don’t have to like everyone to do business as Dana explains his disdain for the likes of Tito Ortiz, Bob Arum and Jake Paul but doesn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of closing a deal.

By the end of the conversation, Fred recognizes the respect level he has for Dana and explains how media misconceptions led him to have a pre-conceived notion about Dana but his openness and honesty changed that.

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