Dancing Doctor Accused of Leaving Patient Brain-Damaged

Dr. Windell Boutte is under scrutiny and so is her medical practice as she has been accused of leaving a patient brain damaged. Dr. Boutte is better known as the dancing doctor and her videos have gone viral of her dancing while giving her patients surgery.

Dr. Boutte is a board certified dermatologist but in the state of George you can also practice surgery once you gain your medical license.

Icilma Cornelius went to Dr. Boutte for surgery before her wedding day but after being left under anesthesia for 8 hours, she woke up brain damaged and now the wedding has been cancelled. Instead of Dr. Boutte being remorseful about what happened, she claimed that Icilma Cornelius got a deal of over $9000.

Dr. Boutte has countless lawsuits against her but still practices medicine and surgery today.

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Author: celeboftea