Daniel Cormier UFC Hall of Famer on Career, Losses, Jon Jones & Connor McGregor | The Pivot Podcast

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UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormeir joins the Pivot in a special conversation after his recent 2022 Hall Of Fame Induction in Las Vegas. 

One of the trailblazers for the UFC and former light heavy weight and heavy weight champion, Cormier, known as DC, is one of the most respected and gifted athletes to come out of the sport.

Channing and Fred have been waiting for this moment to have DC, who is Ryan’s co-host on their ESPN UFC show, finally sit down with the group. It doesn’t take long for the three of them to join forces and team up against Ryan on everything and anything that comes up. 

DC, a Louisiana native like Ryan, shares how his upbringing didn’t expose him to a lot outside his community and that pursuing wrestling instead of football molded him to have a different childhood. Watching his parents work multiple jobs and stay positive through tough situations helped him develop a “no quit” work ethic and was the foundation for his long prosperous career.

Detailing his journey of loss and struggle, DC talks about how the difficulties in his life only helped propel him to the next level of success and only work harder. Losing his daughter tragically, his father on Thanksgiving and mother recently…his journey hasn’t been a clean one but how he was able to bounce back better from adversity is his message. DC shares that without all life’s adversities, he wouldn’t have all the fortune, the success and the accomplishments he has today.

Currently a commentator and tv personality for the UFC, DC gives praise and talks the differences of the modern day athlete vs the ones during his time and also talks about Connor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather and Jon Jones, recalling his bouts against Jones, who he still doesn’t respect and explains why he has never been able to make peace with that part of his career.

The guys laugh their way through some of the tougher moments in the conversation and share an important life message for anyone who may be experiencing hardships on their journey and open up about fatherhood and the roles they serve in their children’s lives.

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