Artist Spotlight: Dark Fade Ricochet and Pyrex Vuitton team up for “The Rendezvous” [Interview]

Dark Fade Ricochet and Pyrex Vuitton

By Jack Barnes

So, tell us about yourselves.  Who do you represent?

Dark Fade Ricochet: I am a rapper from West Covina, CA currently living in the Bay Area. I represent myself and The Midnite Society.

Pyrex Vuitton: I am an artist and producer. I represent for myself and The Midnite Society.

How would describe your sound?

Dark Fade Ricochet: From boom bap to even twerk music, I see where each sub-genre’s purpose lies and how listeners get value out of it. With this in mind, my north star as an artist is to find ways to use these elements across different sounds. I have respect for the history of hip-hop and I find ways to innovate at the same time.

Pyrex Vuitton: As a producer, my sounds comes from how I feel to be honest. It stems from my own emotions and feelings as an artist. I am also a 90’s child, so a lot of my sounds are inspired from the sounds of that era.

Tell us about the experience in making “The Rendezvous.” What inspired it?

Pyrex Vuitton: I created this track a while back and thought Dark Fade could kill it on this beat. This beat was one of the changing points in my producing life when I started about 3 years ago and was first titled, “The Life of Vuitton”. It is always a pleasure to work with a versatile rapper like Dark Fade Ricochet.

Dark Fade Ricochet: To me, the quality of a beat is predicated on how easy it is for my mind to compulsively think of lyrics and rhythms on the first listen. When Pyrex first showed me this beat, I freestyled some stuff right there on the spot (if you lurk my Instagram [@dfrico] far enough back, there’s a brief video of that freestyle). On the surface, The Rendezvous seems to be a typical summer banger pleading to a girl to give me a chance and be there for the early days before my success really hits rather than being with me AFTER the success happens, but people who really listen to the song will notice that the girl actually represents something more…

What are you currently working on? Any projects from the team lined up for 2017?

Dark Fade Ricochet: Right now, I’m working on a lyric video for a song featuring me and my fellow squad member, Yun J with a beat made by the late and great Dr. Derg and I am also writing for about four different songs (including another Pyrex collaboration). As an artist I have about six releases so far that are fully written that I plan to release in the next few months. I also have features in a couple of our TMS collective tracks (one that is produced by Pyrex himself) coming out soon.

Pyrex Vuitton: I am currently working on a track while traveling the Southeast part of Asia. I am making a track per country I have visited.

Oh man, we have a lot lined up from the team to show, but I do have one waiting to be released as a collective (group).

What’s the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

Dark Fade Ricochet: Right now, it’s a tie between performing at Team Backpack 2016 in New York and launching The Midnite Society. Team Backpack was a turning point for me because there were so many other rappers from Denmark to Trinidad that came through, it really really hit me then that hip hop is truly a worldwide genre. The Midnite Society has been something we’ve foreshadowed as far back as 2010, and this past August when we finally launched our Facebook page, was like the first chapter of us finally executing on our passions.

Pyrex Vuitton: Connecting well with the Filipinos when I visited the Philippines! They gave me mad love for my music I showed!

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

Pyrex Vuitton: more music and more growth.

Dark Fade Ricochet: What Pyrex said. I’m really excited for what’s to come.

Anything else ya’ll wanna add? Where can we reach you?

Pyrex Vuitton: check out our team The Midnite Society and grow with us as we keep evolving! You can reach me on IG/FB @pyrexvuitton

The Midnite Society:

Dark Fade Ricochet: Since Pyrex got the TMS Facebook page covered, the best way to get in direct contact with the team is through our Instagram (@tmscollective). You can find my stuff on SoundCloud (, YouTube, Spotfiy, Facebook (, I’m pretty much everywhere. My Snapchat (@DoctorRico) and Instagram (@dfrico) are lit as well.

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Artist Spotlight: Dark Fade Ricochet and Pyrex Vuitton team up for “The Rendezvous” [Interview]

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