Dax – Britney Spears “TOXIC” Remix [Official Video]

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GIRL: like omg b*itch did you hear about that f*cking rapper dax like the.. all he f*cking talks about is like being a f*cking janitor…like he think he’s so f*cking do- he’s garbage babe, babe he’s f*cki ARGH BABE HE’S GARBAGE!

can’t TOUCH the flow it’s too TOXIC
can’t see the VISION your OPTICS
got BLURRED from constantly WATCHING
instagram and everyones pockets
i promise it’ll drive you psychotic
is-total-DEPRESSION and constant assessment of one’s inner value and outward appearance
fuck n*ggas always speaking on my name I DIVIDE the hate they MULTIPLY fame
my GRIP so TIGHT I could REF the GAME
So FILE (foul) my shit like INSURANCE CLAIMS
my [ALL]-is-enough-and-my-mental-[STATE]-
is-the-[FARM] BREEDS exponential hate
[insurance: STATE FARM, ALL STATE.. FARM BREEDING] so I sit back grab a KIT-KAT take a BREAK
imma a BIG MAC but don’t mix dicks (McDicks) I eint GAY
get it?
i’m a big [DOG-PEN]-GAME cray i don’t see you [FISH] if I do it’s [FILLET] you people [MIGNON] un [PETITE] FRANCAISE
[dog pen, fish fillet, fillet mignon, mignon = small in french which is also petite] FRENCH: quand je parle, parle pas tu n’es pas concrete
on y va quand je rap Oui ça cause tempête
conséquence d’un homme qui est comme un prophète
oui oui hair un grosse tête
tu peu pas rappé avec moi man
GIRL: omg b*itch did you know he spoke french too?
RAP GOD wanna F*CK you can find me on CHRISTIAN MINGLE
my MISTLETOE make a HOE like KRINGLE sing
i BEAUTOX beats find every WRINKLE
i don’t do POP if I do it’s PIMPLES
this BLACKHEADS full I’ve never been simple
i’m PRO-ACTIVE (pimple cream+sport) and my world plays NIMBLE
i’m twice the cost my independent stock
BLOWS the game but I’m not still on TOP
all the CHICKEN that I get and gots
like a ROOSTER SYNONYM because I COCK-A-DOODLE on these other people’s songs
they’re MID-i-KNIGHT them like the CRACK of DAWN they hate them I come back and just (respawn-respond) with bars they can’t detect because their drawn to rap cap, trap beats with a high hat

GIRL: Why does everyone like that? i mean Dax drops hits that, hit so hard that you just might need an ice pack… omg b*tch he’s got me rapping too, he’s so motivational hahahaha

i BLESS the game the bars I point ACHOO (at you)
PIERCE ya BODY like a new TATTOO
I [HIP-and-HOP] all over every tune so much the GENRE wants to see me lose
but once i [POP] i promise they’ll resume to [ROCK AND ROLL] with me just to amuse the [COUNTRY[[ies]] [SOUL] the tricked into a [BLUES] to [PUNK] your mind IN TUNE and to confuse
GIRL: OMG B*TCH he just named 7 genres of music! Which one’s he gonna do ?!?
K-POP maybe
REGGAE music it’s super wavy
EMO’S dope but then they’d think i’m crazy
and probably won’t attract to many ladies
CHRISTIAN MUSIC lit but I cuss so pastors probably are not gonna play me when technically my lyrics teach and preach the same things that they’re speaking on the daily
so the fuck the genres
it’s all subjective
suppress the flow that’s not cost effective
PhD with my FLOW finessing
so I don’t care if I’m not a FRESHMAN (lol)
listen up cuz this CLASS in SESSION
is EXPONENTIALLY so PROGRESSIVE and pushing to rap to an ESOTERIC like unreachable 4TH DIMENSION
that’s me
don’t you ever try to play me nigga
i just started rapping i promise that i’m getting bigger
every bar that i spit flips
i BRITNEY SPEAR the game with my scripts
i SPIT so much shit that I could DROWN 20 CLITS in my DRIP then take my whole FIST and STICK it so far up down and then all around and still CELIBATE (sell a bit) and get rich

GIRL: b*tch b*tch DID YOU HEAR THAT? i’m gonna send him a dm he changed my life…. OMG HE REPLIED B*ITCH, HE F*CKING REPLIED… omg he’s such a good person like like who takes the time to do that?


That’s what I do
go “ON AND ON”
i’ve EVOLVED so much I can’t PIKACHU (peek at you)
so i don’t SEE NO BEEF unless i’m in the STEW (stu aka studio) COOKING UP to level they cannot reach
i ENSLAVE these beats that’s a MASSApeice (masterpiece)
people SUB-n the GAME with a nasty TWEET
but they focused on me so they can’t COMPETE
they A-NAT-O-M(e)y (are not me) my ANATOMY
is the OFFSPRING of RAP GOD MIXED BREED to the 13th power of the 21st tree in a SEQUENCE-known as the-FIBONACCI on the 34th bar you’re 7 under par x7+ 6 cuz your STROKE GAMES WEAK [fibonacci sequence: 13,21,34,55 (7×7+6)] this ain’t rap lil n*gga this is BIG D*CK SPEECH and that’s how I CUM HARD every gawd damn beat.

GIRL: (didn’t feel like writing this one out lolol)


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