‘Dear White People’ Creator Justin Simien On Navigating Through a White Dominated Culture

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31 thoughts on “‘Dear White People’ Creator Justin Simien On Navigating Through a White Dominated Culture

  1. The only people who think that they have trouble navigating through a "white dominated culture" are the slave minded-African American kneegroes.

  2. Judging by the like to dislike ratio a bunch of “we have people in the industry talking black empowerment so lets convene in the comment section because why go out and take care of our kids we can obsess over anything black ppl do even tho we hate their guts… “

  3. You can tell the alt right types got in their playbook to write the “imagine if the show was called dear black people”meme.. okay imagine that the US had prisons that locked up white people for being white like they do for black people.. to justify modern slavery.. and slavery was never fully abolished… the 13th amendment mother fuckers… but you fuck boy racists “BUT BUT BUT WHAT IF IT WAS DEAR BLACK PPL” you fucking pussies..

  4. Lot of wasichu in comments refuting the 400 years of in-equity by equating the .01% dark people coming up financially. Keep up the dilutions monkeys

  5. Eh…had me right up to the Netflix joke. I can take a joke but talking woke and then slighting an obvious issue (Black Female Comedians getting zilch/less than their peers…and at times their Neophytes) wasn't necessary….maybe Justin Simien could use his Netflix platform to ask why there wasn't a Black Female Comedian Netflix Special (and technically there still isn't) until after Monique said something.

  6. Maybe the romans,wanted their statues to look like them not someone else??calling them stupid for not painting the statues they were creating in they're own likeness is arrogant..they knew what color the originals were…..

  7. Okay the Historical bulldozing is garbage, he just flys through thousands of years of human history like its Ahhh nothing. LIKE Roman Marble is FUCKING naturally white!!!! And it comes from GREECE!!!!! HENCE THE FUCKING SIMILARITY IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SKIN COLOR OR STANDARDS OF BEAUTY. THE GERMANIC TRIBES THEY ENSLAVED WERE WHITE!! And their standard were far different and men and women shared equal power until christianity converted Clovis the last pagan king, whose wife got him to convert.
    Just a side note Germanic tribes weren't allowed into heaven, While the theology of the Arians was declared a heresy at the First Council of Nicea in 325 because the Romans were dicks.
    I like the show and own the movie but this guy needs to read more.

  8. We are all mixed. White slave masters including founding father Thomas Jefferson raped black women for a century. Not to mention the first human beings were African aka the mother land. So everybody has white and black in them some how some way if you go back far enough.

  9. The comments are an example of the subject matter – its fucking classic! Look at this shit! Really excellent point about what got MLK killed. They didn't care until he was trying to bridge the gap between white and black poor. Then they murdered him. Racism was dealt to US and its up to US to stop that shit and come together. I like that. But look at these comments, they can't even GET OVER the fact that this system has set up a system to serve them! Lots of these haters WEREN'T EVEN WHITE when this country started!

  10. White people dominate most things because America is a predominantly white country . Black people need to stop complaining for not having supreme superiority. If you're one of those complainers you're a racist .

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