Dear White People

Logan Browning, Antionette Robertson and Ashley Blaine Featherson dish about the new season of “Dear White People” on Netflix.

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25 thoughts on “Dear White People

  1. Don't do that. All women have a side dude. Women have all type of men I their DM. Men don't have that unless your famous.

  2. BW stupidly out here muling in this race warrior pick me handmaiden garbage while BM are being men first way in the back of the protest line having the women be the masculine soldiers for a race war. We are the stupidest women in this damn country.

  3. You know i watch the show. Im still on season 2. And basically in general blacks want to be acknowledged about their struggle. Ok so lets say we get america and/or whites to acknowledge. The result will be like the soldiers of vietnam who got agent orange. For years it was not considered that it was something that shouldnt have happened by the military and insurance wouldnt even acknowledge it was the reason for illnesses later in life. Finally people are getting treatment for the causes of agent orange but guess what its a war that the vets are still fighting and dying from. White people can acknowledge systematic racism, 400 years of slavery, stereotypes of blacks, black culture appropriation, etc. And guess what its a war you will still be fighting regardless. Just to get racists to acknowledge a problem. Im a realist and to be honest only racists can stop racism by realizing that its wrong and take action. You cant change a person. It takes the individual to change themselves. Racism is our(blacks) agent orange.

  4. I am not even going to watch the video because of my lack of respect. Dear white people? Really? I guess its ok to be racist now, as long as it is toward white people. I've never owned a slave and never will. I don't get scared when I see a black person. And I don't hate anyone, for anything, that isn't their actions. What I do however do, is fear that strangers will think I am a racist because I am white. Most people actually aren't racist…. which is why if it was called, "dear black people," it probably wouldn't be so nice or accepted(which it shouldn't be)

  5. Why do African Americans “THINK” it’s ok to be unapologetic and use the words “Dear White People”, But if any other race was unapologetic and used the title “Dear Black People”…Sounds like the Afro-American race has a few chips on their shoulders….They are infuriated with Kanye and now “THINK” they are the superior race to ALL AMERICANS…Get over yourselves and Wendy you were always my most favorite talk show host because you have always called a “THING” a “THING”…..ALL LIVES MATTER….ALL RACES MATTER….END OF STORY.

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