Deontay Wilder Says He Offered Anthony Joshua $50 Million To Fight | TMZ Sports

Deontay Wilder tells TMZ Sports he’s offered CRAZY money to Anthony Joshua to make their mega-fight happen, and if Joshua passes, it’s proof the Englishman is a COWARD.


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25 thoughts on “Deontay Wilder Says He Offered Anthony Joshua $50 Million To Fight | TMZ Sports

  1. Wilder is backed by Al Haymon… where the hell are you dumb fuck brits getting this nonsense that the money isn't there??? Wait a minute wasn't Al Haymon Floyd mayweather's advisor too??? How many big fights was that guy part of? You guys sounding real foolish across the pond. Al Haymon got more $$$ and more pull in boxing than Eddie Hearn big a LONG SHOT and its not even close. U sound stupid asking if Al Haymon and co have the money- this is Al Haymon we're talking about, Eddie Hearn aint got shit on al haymon gtfoh

  2. He talking shit thinks hes by far the best but nobody knows who he is. Just a guy with hopes & dreams shouting very loud which he shouldnt. The only thing i like is that he looks like he is on his own i Respect that i as much as i aint keen on him talking soo much bollox i really do hope he fucks aj's world up because aj really isnt that good its just there aint nobody about like there use to be fuckers had it far too easy compared to good old days. Boxing looks well & truly setup after watching ajs last fight were at distance it benefits aj & LOOK WHAT THE REF KEPT DOING ???? LOOKS VERY SUSPECT DONT YA THINK !!

  3. He doesn't have 50 Mil or anything of substance to offer AJ and Eddie Hearn. He is the B side of the deal. He brings nothing interesting business wise to this match up. When AJ and is promoter decide the time is right, that is when it will happen. Wilder can talk all he wants but he has no pulling power in this fight – none. He should focus on training and getting ready for the fight instead of running his mouth. Only reason he is even talked about is because he has the belt, if no belt he would just be more of a joke than what he already is

  4. He has no 50 million. The guys has probably about 5 to 10 mill in hos bank account. I reckon this fight will come about before the end of the year. And itll be a 50 million pound fight. Not dollar but pound sterling

  5. Deontey wilder will knock AJ out bet me or dare me.This is real,deontey is the king of boxing,can't you see the way he fight?deontey please where you are read this message,i believe 100 that you are going to knock AJ down.look at what he did to otiz.I have been marking your words deontey.This my number +233249430111 after knocking AJ down come to Africa Ghana downtown cape coast former Gold coast of Africa.Come and see the castles and fortress our people were slave in to.thank you

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