Derek Fisher Proposes to Gloria Govan, She Said ‘Yes!’ | TMZ Sports

Good news for Derek Fisher … the ex-NBA star popped the question to his girlfriend, Gloria Govan — AND SHE SAID, “YES!”

Matt Barnes has weighed in on the engagement … saying he’s happy for EVERYONE involved!


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20 thoughts on “Derek Fisher Proposes to Gloria Govan, She Said ‘Yes!’ | TMZ Sports

  1. Real talk… This is far beyond violation of man code or bro code, this is just wrong. How do you sleep at night? You must not have any morals or male code of conduct to do some shit like this… With all the women in the world, I couldnt do some shit like this to a friend or ex friend..

  2. Barnes i hope you're just saying that in public. Hopefully you get a chance to beat the fuck out of Fisher one more time . I always hated Fisher, technically hes a child molester multiple times over when he was younger. The girls were 15 or 16 at the time. I heard he was a rapist as well…

  3. The young Matt Barnes would've pulled an OJ> hiding in the bushes with some gloves & a long blade. The older Barnes is like fuck it I need a 20 something I can groom. Derek Fisher can have my sloppy seconds. lol

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