Did LeBron James Overtake Michael Jordan As The Greatest Of All Time?

After last night’s game, Ebro in the Morning debates who is the greatest of all time.

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25 thoughts on “Did LeBron James Overtake Michael Jordan As The Greatest Of All Time?

  1. His only legit title came against a inexperienced thunder team.
    He should have lost to San Antonio in 2013.
    And should have lost to golden state in 2016.
    Should be 1-6

  2. How can you compare 2 different eras. Fouls that get called now weren't called in the Jordan days. Watch old footage and see for yourselves. Lebron and all the other guys would've still gotten overshadowed by Jordan regardless. Lebron is nice for this era but Jordan became a Legend and with his sneakers his legacy got even more cemented. Out of basketball barely people know Lebron but every single kid/adult knows Jordan and his sneakers.

  3. Sorry but Lebron 15s are better than Jordans. I admit Jordan 1s are very nice but the rest don't even look that nice. Jordans are for old-heads with unchanging mentalities and hype-kids at this point. Stat-wise, Lebron is number one. More importantly he is a better human being and humanitarian. Jordan is undeniably one of the most aggressive winners, but a terrible team-mate and human being compared to Lebron. Being a better human being is better than just being known for a winning resume, even if its an impeccable resume. Lebron is socially conscious like Ali was; Jordan cared more about selling shoes and increasing his personal brand than embracing social justice even though he was so big he could have made a difference. People an say he didn't have social media, but neither did Muhammad Ali and he is remembered as "The Greatest" not necessarily because of his boxing record but because he was undoubtedly one of the best boxers at least while being the definitive best humanitarian in boxing of all time for refusing to participate in the Vietnam War. In the same way, Lebron is undeniably one of the best basketball players of all time, while being the best humanitarian basketball player, compared to Jordan at least. That's why he is better. Not to mention, that Lebron is not only more complete as a human being, but more complete in terms of basketball talent compared to Jordan overall – bigger, stronger, developing his weaknesses like his jumpshot even to this day as we are seeing against the Wizards. And I will say it again, Lebron 15s are in my view an underrated shoe. Just go look at them on Nike's website.

  4. LBJ dismantled the Pistons, Big 3 Celtics, single handily almost beat Warriors without Kyrie and Love, makes Delly look like a superstar, and made Durant join a 73-9 team. The level of competition is far greater in today’s era than Jordan’s less physical but far superior shooters, and 7 footers with jump shots. When Shaq left the big man position retired with it. Lastly James can take anytime to the ship but his role players choke in the big moments and thrive during regular season. Each finals loss look at his teammates stats in comparison to Jordan’s roster’s..

  5. As a Humanitarian, LaBron 100% hands down, Giving back to his Community, Jordan cannot touch him, and that's a SAD indictment on Michael, Basketball LaBron is a more complete player, but Micheal is for now still at the Top, but then again he had Phil Jackson and Dennis Rodman, enough said as to what help made him the greatest…..

  6. Three things determine whose the greatest in basketball everything else is subjective. 3.Stats, because it's something every great player has, but can be subjective depending on that players natural size, specific gift and longivity playing can determine how many more rebounds or assist they get. 2. Winning shares, particularly if they control the ball and is often the go to guy in close out moments during the season and when it counts the most, during playoffs and most importantly during the finals when they appear in them. So scoring ability (particularly shooting) from anywhere on the court, no matter the degree of difficulty is a more important stat than efficiency if it results in winning. Sense putting the ball in the hole is the goal…. if it ultimately yields a result. 1. Winning the Finals and being a main reason leading up too it by getting their team over their greatest obstacles (oppose team that can neutralize physical advantage u have) and during. The ultimate goal of basketball and another stat more important than efficiency which the analytic crowd wrongfully uses to determine the greatest players as u can see. Using the true metric I say 1. Jordan (6), 2.Kobe(5) 3 Bron (3)

  7. Different eras. The game is softer now.
    88' Mike was a BEAST. Defensive player of the year AND scoring title.
    In a street pickup game. Do you want to win or make sure everyone is involved?
    The purpose of a NBA team/game is to win. LeBron got stats ALL DAY. I'll ALWAYS take the guaranteed winner though/

  8. Jordan made everyone on his team a house hold name. He never was concerned about money he played for the love of the game. Jordan would never go play his competition he stayed with Chicago and brought championships to the city instead of running to a team to get rings

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