Does ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cameo Hurt Stormy Daniels’ Credibility? | The View




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21 thoughts on “Does ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cameo Hurt Stormy Daniels’ Credibility? | The View

  1. I think that Sara is the voice of reason on this show. I'm no fan of Trump, but we're in the middle of a serious legal case here and I don't think it reflects well on Stormy for going on SNL.

  2. Why should she be any less credible than he and his family? Also, just like them, she is just seizing the opportunities being opened to her and making a little money before her star loses its luster.

  3. I really like this lady. She seems like the only Republican whose opinions I can respect without my disdain for the party rearing it's ugly head. Lol She's very articulate and brings up some valid points.

  4. Daniels has information (=Power) over the WH toddler, therefore she's so confident. she's to be careful she's not being shot though

  5. they are so bias, If it was a republican they’d probably hate it, it’s almost as if when they’re talking they’re trying to withhold truth

  6. Trump comes from Apprentice well…No problem with Stormy on SNL… STOP BEING HYPOTHETICAL 😎😎😎 Sarah have a several seats on that 🤗🤗🤗…And Sunny thanks for reminding us that was during his compain election on SNL too…😂

  7. Not entirely sure if a comedy appearance can hurt your credibility, but because of scarlet letter garbage (she has to be lying because she's a pornstar) maybe she should be a bit careful. Ideally that scarlet letter garbage shouldn't exist but sadly it does.
    I'd argue that the lawyer's 60+ TV appearances is the biggest credibility problem here. He's very clearly fame hungry. Stormy Daniels herself? Not so much.
    This is from someone who roots for her, partly because Trump shouldn't get away with corruption, and partly because nothing would smack the Trump fanboys in the face more than the woman they call "worthless human toilet" taking their beloved "meme lord emperor" down (I do not strongly dislike Trump, but I cannot say the same about his fanboys)

  8. Liberal Democrats might never win an election again as long as mentally fit people go out to vote. It's really shocking that due to political desperation they would tolerate porn stars. There is no good implication coming out of such Stormy publicity stunts. i don't like Trump but he should not resign and i hope he definitely wins the next election.

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