Don Lemon on Woodward book: This is really ominous

CNN’s Don Lemon discusses the revelations from the new book “Fear: Trump in the White House” by Bob Woodward.

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25 thoughts on “Don Lemon on Woodward book: This is really ominous

  1. I hate to say but I cant wait until someone puts a bullet in don lemon , so tired of his lies and manipulation of what someone says. Lies ,lies and more lies the day don gets a bullet to the head will be a great day for all Americans. we need to get rid of all these liars that yank and pull words from people that didnt even say it. Your a fucken liar don and you will pay for it in the end and so will cnn….CNN lies lies and more lies….

  2. You lost your objectivity and people don't believe in you anymore. Total lemon.

  3. 9:18 – "President Queeg."
    For $100 dollars {and without googling) name the book he was referring to.

  4. I’m relieved to know that someone is keeping an eye on him, however, shouldn’t they be getting him out if there? Someday, there won’t be someone there to take that paper off the desk

  5. Hahahaha, you had to wait over nineteen months for Bob to write a book explaining it all to you????
    America deserves a cretin like Trump, you're the dumbest most stupid people on the planet!!!

  6. Trump likes to create jobs in America yeah right held his miss Universe in Russia haha make America great again people wake up. Greetings from the Netherlands .

  7. My pops always told me…

    If you lie, you'll steal, if you will steal you will kill…… Growing up i always thought it was bullshit.

    After 40yrs on this earth i believe that is the most realest thing iv ever heard..

  8. Did you hear Trump's answers on Graham and Kellyann. Another proof of Graham and the GOP accomplish in Trumps danger to the US and the World.

  9. 45 is 100% liar an you know he steals people money 🤔……. … .

  10. The people who elected and supported this son-of-a-bitch need to pay. They owe everyone else in this nation. Enough with the trash that put him in power.

  11. Getting kinda chubby there Don, you need to start working out again before you lose it.
    Love your show …

  12. Another book!!! Not going to make a dent for the cult leader and his followers

  13. why do republicans always elect the stupidest candidates that are running?

  14. Xi Jia's silly son with a crooked neck is a mentally retarded son. He has been in power for several years, making a mess inside and outside, occupying the headlines and shouting slogans everyday. He tramples on human rights, mutilates the defenders of human rights, practises personal worship, spreads coins to the poor countries, blindly toughens the United States, deceives and propagates victory. Xi Jinping's IQ is really not good and his IQ is low. But he always wants to do great things.
    Trump, come on, please lesson Xi Jinping this fool, the Chinese people thank you.

  15. What grade can you give a person that work under 6th graded leadership? Common Sense

  16. I Can't stand that news reader. A small. black head you could burst

  17. The Dotard's former lawyer John Dowd describes him as "a fucking liar,"
    telling The Dotard he would end up in an "orange jump suit" if he testified to special counsel Robert Mueller.

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