Dr. Bailey’s Apology – Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 22

Dr. Bailey settles the dispute with Dr. Roy

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12 thoughts on “Dr. Bailey’s Apology – Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 22

  1. He hid something while under the influence, his judgment can be argued as altered by the cookies in which in the court of law would be considered the hospital’s mistake. Dr. Bailey is being ridiculous. This is more stupid than the return of Olivia.

  2. I got scared when I saw the title. I was like: "why the hell Bailey's apologising to this idiot !? Don't you dare go soft on me, Miranda!" But thank God that wasn't the case.

    Dammit! I wanted that bastard fired😡 oh well…😧
    Hey at least Bailey's "The Nazi" is back!😊😄

  3. He hide the fact that he ate the cookies and continue to work high and was lucky he didn’t kill anyone. I’m real life things would be a lot different.

  4. He sure was his own person and his whole case is bullshit! He wasn’t given cookies purposely and sadly publicity is what this kid plays with. In real life the hospital will measure its loses and they will either go against him in court or pay him little after crushing him.

  5. They had the right to fire him. He deserved it. But I think it's weird when the interns were doing surgery on a intern they didn't get fired. They just got suspended.

  6. To be honest that kid deserves to be fired. He should've acccept his termination from the program. However i love the fact that Bailey reinstate him because it will be fun to see how the nazi going to make his life a living hell. Can't wait lol

  7. I love baileys speech and I love Roys face at the end when he was like " is that any apology" 😄😄😄

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