Dr Gregory Lunceford, Husband of Quad from “Married to Medicine,” Tells His Side of Divorce Drama

Now that “Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb-Lunceford has filed from divorce from her husband, hear what Dr. Lunceford has to say about his marriage and how all the drama began.

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25 thoughts on “Dr Gregory Lunceford, Husband of Quad from “Married to Medicine,” Tells His Side of Divorce Drama

  1. 11:48…awkward moment Dr. Outsing himself tryna make a joke out of his situation and no one is laughing…auch…

  2. The interviewers were trash. If anything Gregory was too good for Quad in my opinion.

  3. I have always felt bad for Dr G. I honestly dont think he needed to give a response; there always more to the story. I always knew there was more to this then BRAVO showed . But i hope this makes him feel better. Dr G seems like a wonderful man. No sex in years… Ugh common Quad . But im sure there she has a side to this also. Sometimes to wonderful people just arent great together

  4. Quad dodged having Dr.G's baby because she knew they wouldn't be together long..lol smh

  5. I was about say dont know his name but damm the Dj wanted the camera on him only

  6. I truly believe everything he sang I believe he tried to make that marriage work I believe that his wife is lying I believe that she was literally a gold digger

  7. She wanted a come up and marrying him to be on the show after she got on the show she couldn't fake it anymore

  8. Women dont stop having sex for no reason…im wondering if she found something that turned her off. She could have taken birth control if it was about getting pregnant.

  9. Quad has slammed this man and no one is listening especially Frank. He has been portrayed as the low life cheater. We all know if you are not getting any at home you will go looking outside the marriage. I like Dr G, he is about mental health and family. I am sick of women like Quad who always play the victim.

  10. I don’t understand why Quad and DrG think they owe the world an explanation on why there marriage didn’t work!!! I don’t understand this. They asking him questions like he on fucking trial for murder.lmao

  11. This is a wonderful show.. I love how informative y'all are over there.. thanks for giving us DR. G side👏👏👍👍

  12. Can someone please give Dr. G my number? I’m single, no kids, I have a Graduate degree, good job and we share the same traditional values. Im tired of these playboy ain’t bout nothing (morally) New York men. 🙄

  13. Dr.Gregory didn't realize he had to drop that cash like the drug dealer use to do for Quad.

  14. Hopefully he can get palimony She makes more then him now lol Major backfire haha

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