Dr. Oz Explains The Right Way To Detox, How Obesity Relates To Cancer + More

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43 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Explains The Right Way To Detox, How Obesity Relates To Cancer + More

  1. There's so much pre-judgment on this man. Now, I could care less about supporting any particular Dr over another, it's about information & varying levels of conciousness. Everyone is at different conciousness levels & understanding. Listen to what he's saying the bulk of the information is on point. Do I agree with everything he's saying? No of course not I damn sure don't want yogurt/dairy. But his points about micro-biome in the gut, cell phones, ancient remedies, bottled water & obesity are good points. Why all the hate? No one Dr has all the answers for every type of person. We all come from different places ie. different genus' of the same species. So we need different things to be healthy. I'm a big fan of Dr Sebi/Dr Adamo & anyone who challenges the medical status quo. Again, just because I like the the bulk of what these Dr's promote I dont agree with everything. Point is listen, learn, fact check, study & figure out what works for you. Chill with the hate ya'll. If you have a critique come correct say what it is you have a problem with. But dont sit here like you know he's a fraud when you still figuring out your own situation. Lastly, if you do think you have it figured out spread the word on what you've learned, post a youtube link so we can find you. Otherwise your just spreading unecassary negativity.

  2. AND CANCER = BIOFILM (doctors refusing to test for pathogens, Fuk illuminati), and their drugging the tap water, 14:24 was that a low key baphomet hand sign talking about a controversial subject possibly involving a satanic cult?

  3. What happen to Dr. Oz's hair, and his skin is glowing, more than before? Where's Yee? And GOOD JOB ENVY ASKING ABOUT WATER, but ask about the water making peoples ass flatt?

  4. increase in cancer is also tech related, phones, nuclear-powered satellites blowing up in our atmosphere, corn syrup in everything, too much sugar etc

  5. Love those envy questions “insert the most common thing your guest does” then follow up with “explain to the people what that means.” Lmao in this case “Dr Oz you are a doctor explain to the people what that means” or “now that you’re a doctor with a show do you move a different way?”

  6. The skin is the largest organ on the human body. A&P 101 So watch what you put on or in your body/folks. ie some deodorants contain aluminum that may cause cancer.

  7. This guy said drink any bottle of water which is better than food.. He obviously hasn't heard of the Water Quality Association. Plus most plants are made up of water with added nutrients

  8. Now that Oz has been discredited in the mainstream he has found his niche – America's favourite targets for scams and frauds = Blacks & Latinos

  9. Dr. Oz is the perfect example of a Old head who thinks technology is bad. Technology advances have changed this world in Good and bad ways but it's how we use it ultimately.

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