Dr. Phil Gives Advice on Parenting and Managing Mental Health Issues

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37 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Gives Advice on Parenting and Managing Mental Health Issues

  1. Consequences! Cause and effect… Bad choices need solid, unwavering consequence. .or they'll walk all over you.
    It's all easier said than done I suppose..

    Still dunno how I would have handled a 5 fingers of Phil…I'm a lil disappointed now…

  2. Dr. Phil is a vulture that exploits others' mental health problems for ratings. wake up sway. Why not have a real practicing psych expert who isn't in it for fame on instead of a fucking mental health carnival barker.

  3. Yeah but, can he do the five fingers of death challenge? If he can pop off to those five tracks, I will make a shrine to him in my closet. XD

  4. Presence. Not presents… You can't compensate for Jack of time with material things. First and foremost. Secondly.. It's not the individual parental unit that's the problem. It's everyone as a whole. Kids spend far more time at school around other kids whom act however they act, come home to parents who work too many hours for minimal compensation (and never actually get ahead).. it's too easy to just keep the kid happy so you can do what you (think) you need to do. Who has time to pay attention? And the methods of teaching our kids? Most have no idea how to help with homework. Good luck. Everyone has their face to their phones, checking social media, texting, working, glued to crap TV… ok and I'm not speaking on any specific statistics but single parents? Dating parents? Fighting parents? All BS and no PRESENCE.. makes for some seriously damaged young kids. It's definitely PARENTS fault, but on a much MUCH bigger scale. We allow these slutty idols and disrespectful "people", to influence our kids( and ourselves.)The devil is real. Society in America is disgusting and grossly corrupt. But it's dumb to pay attention? Crazy? Or what? One single person can't repair an entire nation. No shit. But the more single persons that begin to get mad, get real for the kids, then the better our chance…that we fix this shit. You are human, not sheep. These "horrible", kids get to live what we leave. Life is TOO short… By the time most ppl wake up they're on their death bed.. powerless and pained cuz they worked their life away for WHAT? OUR BEST RESOURCE ARE OUR KIDS. Love will outlive everything…. So as of today, will you die or will you live…? Stand for something. Quit falling for everything.

  5. I love how Heather B can point out the counterdictions…. I do believe psychology can help people but it's like drug treatment for addicts….you only use it if you need it n it don't work if you won't accept the text books They teach…interpersonal relations is what people should study in my opinion. It teaches you how to communicate without sounding like a sav just to keep it💯
    Dr. Phil is a good dude tho…

  6. I believe not beating your child when they’re disruptive is just as detrimental as beating them way to much. It has to be a balance.I know niggas who got beat all the time for the lightest issues and ended up hurting others cause that’s all they know. People who get no physical discipline don’t take life as serious and don’t expect any consequences. Idk y’all tell me if I’m tripping.

    In the words of Mozzy
    “Momma thank you for them ass whuppins 🙏🏽”

    I’d appreciate if y’all could check out the music on my channel 💯🙏🏽

  7. he needs to talk about how he made a dumbass 14 year old at that time, famous, he doesn't need to be giving "parenting advice" anymore, smh

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