Dr. Phil Speaks On Kanye’s Mental Health | TMZ Live

Dr. Phil believes Kanye West saying whatever he thinks and feels is either an attention grab or a serious impulse control problem, but either way … it needs to stop because he’s fueling hate.

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I have a passion for blogging about what's trending in Hip Hop, R&B, and Celebrity Entertainment. I'm a huge sports fan; my favorite teams are The NY Knicks & NY Jets. I also enjoy spending time with family, and working hard as hard work pays off.

29 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Speaks On Kanye’s Mental Health | TMZ Live

  1. Are you guys keep on saying that he is trying to sell an album so every person has to go buy an album now really think about it!!😁

  2. TMZ you guys are so full of shit!! But of course that's just my opinion!! You really like know how to bash people but you really know how to do it.😁 ha ha me with a big smile, smile TMZ Of course all jokes aside!!😁

  3. Nice Spin – He steps out of line and thinks for himself so he must be mentally ill and need medication to keep in line.

  4. The FIRST thing the left tries to do to discredit or be dismissive when they lose an argument is try to make them sound crazy. It’s dismissive.

    Ask Dave Chapelle. SHAME ONY YOU TMZ AND DOCTOR SHILL. You’ve lost all my respect.

  5. Kanye is just another mediocre artist whose weak and ignorant fan-base blew his ego far beyond where it deserved. Kanye is no genius, period. Kanye fans and trump fans have a lot in common by following an egotistical idiot with no common sense and talks like a dipshit 15 yr old. Never thought so many 'gangsta' black guys and suit wearing racist white guys would have so much in common, but with ideologues like trump and kanye these things are happening.

  6. It's plain as day that us conservatives are battling a liberal media.

    Oh if you speak out against us you're racist or crazy.

    On behalf of conservatives… Fuck you TMZ.

  7. This is ridiculous. There isn’t shit wrong with this man. He stated some facts, and now he’s a lunatic. Gtfoh you guys are the crazy ones.

  8. The only people with problems are the ones that couldn’t understand what he was saying…. and I hope he continues because there is no way it fuels hate – thats for the wankers such as Dr Phil to tell people it is and the loony tune Media !

    People are waking up to the system and realise its time to stop this is its tracks… and you aint seen nothing yet just those in the mindless sleep will find issues when there are none !

  9. A letter to TMZ:
    I think it is sad TMZ that you bring Dr. Phil in to analyze Kanye. None of you are really discussing the issue Kanye is bringing up and dismissed Candace when she was actually speaking more clearly about the subject. Was it because she is a woman? I love and watch TMZ but you are doing exactly what all the other liberal network news stations are doing. Focusing on the 400 years of slavery clip despite the fact that Kanye admitted he didn't explain it well and he was referring to mental slavery. I watched CNN, MSNBC, and TMZ all just attack. The substance of what Kanye and Candace are saying is that there is a problem when you have generational dependence on welfare. And not just by blacks but other poor people. Blacks are enslaved when their survival depends on government handouts. We all are. And yes there are many other factors like jobs etc. But it benefits Democratic politicians to pretend they care but keep people down in order to keep them dependent on their party. Candace and Kanye see that and have witnessed the effects of it as I have. Where mothers are dependent and then their children become dependent and it goes on and on. When you get more money for more children and more $$ when the father is absent. And the only reason they vote democrat is because we have been told that Republicans will take that $$ away. Will take those services away. And voting democrat is just expected after so many years. So now Kanye and Candace (And many others BTW) try to articulate this message and he is attacked and demonized and analyzed by Dr. Phil. You don't bother actually discussing the argument you automatically dismiss it and that is because your ideological masters do not want it to go any further. And trust me Hillary and Chuck Schumer know this. That is why they live up on the rich side of town and would call the police if they saw a black man strolling through their neighborhood. Charlemagne said it best if you only follow one party only whether right or left your mentally enslaved. To watch the salvos being thrown at Kanye for having a thought is mind boggling to me and it alone should be enough for people to question what is going on? The fact that they are reacting this way is suspicious? The chains may be invisible but they are definitely still on. And that is the point Candace and Kanye were trying to make.

  10. The media Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak minded … mental slavery is what he is waking the world up to # BreaktheMatrix of thought control… Bob Marley said Free yourself from mental slavery…

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