R&B Sensation Drew Peckat Drops New Single “Get It From You”

R&B Sensation Drew Peckat Drops New Single “Get It From You”

Captivating, energetic and hardworking are three words that rising R&B sensation Drew Peckat uses to describe himself.  Evidently, those words are a suitable fit for the singer and songwriter, who is preparing to release his smooth and rhythmic debut single.

Whenever Peckat takes the stage to perform, he elicits the same response – enthusiasm, and applause from an audience intrigued by his voice, stage presence and overall star quality. His music takes listeners on a ride through life experiences, emotions and vivid memories they can all relate to, and Get It from You, is no different. Produced by Dre Butterz, the melodic track sets a relaxing vibe perfect for lounging or cruising on the town. Enjoy this audio stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

“It is based on a personal experience,” he said. “I was going through some stuff… I was going through a breakup. That feeling that I need was something that was lost as soon as she was gone.”

It has been a long journey for the Michigan native, who grew up as the middle child of seven in a traditional Midwest suburban household. He was always into music, following artists such as Boyz II Men, Joe, Usher, Trey Songz and Chris Brown. At the age of 16, Peckat’s parents divorced, leading to a whirlwind of events that changed his life. Things started to collapse and Peckat soon found himself homeless, bouncing between the homes of friends. Not to mention, he underwent two major surgeries, both of which doctors said gave him only a five percent chance to live and little to no chance of walking again.

However, today, not only is he alive and walking, he is running swiftly towards his dreams as a rising star in entertainment. The adversity he faced has given him a new perspective on life and a true appreciation for his gift to make meaningful music.

“The biggest lesson I learned was to be humble, because at any moment it can all be taken away from you,” Peckat said. “Everyone told me that I couldn’t do any of this, but I went against the grain and chose to believe in myself. The reception has blown my mind already. I haven’t had a single bad review. Old, young, babies all the way up to 80 from all different backgrounds, it doesn’t matter, the response is always the same.”

While music continues to evolve, R&B has often found itself being drowned out by more up-tempo styles such as Hip Hop and Pop music that draw from, but rarely give back to the genre. Peckat considers himself among those diligently pushing for R&B’s resurgence

“We need it back,” he said. “That feel good R&B. That old school love shit where guys are grabbing the air and thinking about a girl. I think that will eventually come back. It has been about 15-20 years of the same stuff, but people’s reaction to [my music] shows me that people are hungry for that, they are wanting it. I think R&B will make a really big comeback and will be number one. “

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