Dwayne Johnson RESPONDS TO Dj Khaled rude comments

Dwayne Johnson RESPONDS TO Dj Khaled rude comments


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29 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson RESPONDS TO Dj Khaled rude comments

  1. I know that hurt his wife that he told the world that she is basilly his housekeeper and proform sex on him when he want. She wont ever leve cause she is happy .

  2. DJ Khaled is lying like a mother f*** fat ass n** eating all those fine ass video b**** like they always say if you don't give her some somebody else will you think because you got money she won't f*** on you better start licking that pussy are you find out soon

  3. I'm glad DJ Khaled is with a woman of his own race, using the money he made culturally appropriating black men. It shows once again how other men build for their women and children.

  4. She dont like him and now the world know why 😂😂😂 plus she must be tired of lifting up that flap to find his tiny penis🤣🤣🤣 no wonder she is so annoyed

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