Listen: Edmond Jordan, spokesman for the family of Alton Sterling on Sterling’s death, the FBI’s involvment and why it doesn’t matter if Sterling had a gun [Audio]

Listen: Edmond Jordan, spokesman for the family of Alton Sterling on Sterling’s death, the FBI’s involvment and why it doesn’t matter if Sterling had a gun [Audio]

Edmond Jordan

By Jack Barnes

Edmond Jordan, spokesman for the family of Alton Sterling, spoke with SiriusXM’s Joe Madison today about details surrounding Sterling’s death, getting the Department of Justice and the FBI involved, and whether or not it matters if Sterling had a gun. Enjoy this audio stream below after the jump.

What happened to Alton Sterling:

The shooting occurred approximately one o’clock in the morning. By seven o’ clock that morning, the city had come and confiscated Mr. Abdu’s surveillance system from his store. He had a DVR, he had two cameras and a computer, and I’m not sure if they took the computer and the monitor, but they took the DVR system that stored all the video from that day, including the shooting. And then, when Chief Dabadie was contacted to talk about the body cameras that the officers were wearing, his comment as I’m told, because this came from Representative Marcelle, I’m told that not just one camera dislodged, both cameras, they said, dislodged during the struggle, and that there was some audio and some video, but it wasn’t anything useful. And then there’s also supposed to be some dash cam footage, but that never was turned over or released and we don’t know what the contents of that is. So when you look at all of this, it just didn’t seem like they were being very transparent in what they were doing. So that gave us some pause in addition to the conflict that that is present. So we certainly were pushing for a neutral third party to come in and intervene, but the state police, the way it operates is, they won’t come in unless the local authorities ask them to come in. So there was a request made to the mayor, as I understand it, and the mayor refused to let state police come in.

On existence of additional videos:

I’m not sure, I mean the city will have to answer this, but I certainly don’t believe that they knew that these other two videos were out there. I think when they confiscated the video at the store, they thought that that was it, and then they could tell us that the body cam and the dash cam didn’t have anything, that they were holding the video surveillance footage for whatever reason, and then none of this would have gotten out. Here’s the curious question though: Why keep the surveillance video from the store when you can’t bring in criminal charges against Alton Sterling because now, unfortunately and tragically, he is deceased. So there really was no reason not to release the surveillance footage unless you’re telling me that you’re investigating the police officers, but they never even came out with a statement to say that. All they said was that they were on paid administrative leave. So there really was no reason. And now the family is asking for you to release it, there’s no disadvantage in doing it. And so now that the video is out, on two different videos, I certainly don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t release it.

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