EP Stream: Freddie Dredd – SUFFER

Freddie Dredd’s Music is as Twisted as It Is Popular, Stream New SUFFER EP

With a macabre lyrical bent and a predilection for distortion and boosted bass, Freddie Dredd filters rap music through his playfully sadistic point of view. Eager to watch the world burn and to start some fires of his own, Freddie shares SUFFER, his new EP. Working with his mysterious production partner Ryan C., Freddie revels in unpredictability, packing more beat mutations and pitch shifts into sub-2 minute tracks than many artists wouldn’t dare attempt in a career. Flashing a dark sense of humor in his consciously over-the-top lyrics, the 23-year-old rapper amuses himself and his fans with his extreme imagery and creative threats. With a rap persona that splits the difference between Hannibal Lecter and the devil himself, Freddie’s music takes inspiration from the horrorcore and dark trap of ’90s Memphis. Enjoy this audio stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

The new EP is home to several highlight singles, including the noisy, industrial DARKO,” the ultraviolent  SPEAK UP, and the fan-favorite diptych NECKLACE,” and TOOL.” Including last week’s pure evil DEVIL’S WORK,” singles from SUFFER EP have already racked up more than 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone. Offering an unfiltered glimpse into a world polite society tries to ignore, SUFFER EP is available to stream on all platforms.

A member of the Doomshop/Sixtet collective of underground artists, Freddie found his greatest success in 2019, fueled by his popularity on TikTok, whose users were drawn to his vibey combination of ethereal samples and hard-hitting low-end. His single Cha Cha struck gold, racking up over 50 million streams on Spotify alone. Freddie trended on TikTok yet again earlier this year with his bossa nova-sampling single Opaul,” inspiring over 2.7 million video creations and earning 36 million streams on Spotify alone. Last month, Freddie shared the video for GTG,” one of his biggest hits to date, which earns up over 100k streams per day nearly two years after its release (40 million total Spotify streams). Directed by Lazy Eye Productions and recently surpassing 1 million views on YouTube, the video artfully leans into the song’s morbidity, positing the Ontario native as the heir apparent to serial killer antiheroes like Dexter.

SUFFER EP tracklist:

1. “Darko”
2. “Speak Up”
3. “Necklace”
4. “Tool”
5. “Blow”
6. “Stunna”
7. “Delete”
8. “Devil’s Work”
9. “WTH”
10. “Knot Myself”

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The Background:
Freddie Dredd (born September 19, 1997) is a Canadian rapper and producer based in Oshawa, Ontario. He is originally from Durham, Ontario. Best known for blending gritty, lo-fi sounds, vintage samples, and intense—often dark—lyrics. Freddie’s unique style started gaining traction in early 2019 after several of his songs became viral hits on the short-form mobile video app, TikTok. In addition to his solo work, Freddie frequently collaborates with other underground hip-hop artists, such as Baker, RAMIREZ, and Slim Guerilla. He is also an active member of DoomshopRecords and SIXSET.

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EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER

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EP Stream: Freddie Dredd - SUFFER

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