Eve Admits To Abusing Alcohol and Xanex After Nasty Breakup | Was Stevie J The Cause?

Eve from the talk show “The Talk” recently opened up about being in a dark period of her life where she abused alcohol and was also popping Xanex to numb the pain of a previous relationship, not having a record deal and tv and to also get out of her “Dark Period”. Her revelation came shortly after Williow Smith revealed that she was harming herself but cutting her arms to get through her dark period.

Eve shared with her co host that she drank so much that she got a DUI and had to wear an ankle monitor because of it.

Now as you may remember, Eve dated Stevie J for quite some time and it was even later revealed that they had a sex tape. The relationship and tape caused her a lot of hardship and this could be the relationship that she was referring to when she said a particular relationship caused her to drink.

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