Every Style of Beer Explained | WIRED

Master Cicerone Pat Fahey is a certified expert in beer. So, who better than he to talk us through the history of all the different variations of beer that exist. Where did American lagers originate? Why are Belgian pale ales so hard to come by nowadays?

1:26 – Malty Lagers
13:57 – Hoppy Lagers
22:15 – Non-Roasty Malty Ales
30:25 – Roasty Dark Ales
39:35 – Hoppy Ales
51:06 – Fruity and/or Spicey Ales
57:37 – Tart and/or Funky Beers
1:03:56 – Smoked Beers
1:06:07 – Variations on styles

Pat Fahey is a Master Cicerone and Content Director for the Cicerone® Certification Program

Check him out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/patfahey24/

Cicerone Certification Program’s website https://www.cicerone.org

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Every Style of Beer Explained | WIRED

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