Ex-Playboy Playmate Leaps to Her Death With 7-Year-Old Son

Ex-Playboy Playmate Leaps to Her Death With 7-Year-Old Son

Stephanie Adams was a former Playmate Centerfold that jumped to off of Gotham Hotel in NYC with her seven year old son after reported abuse from her husband Charles Nicolai. The two had been married for several years but their relationship had been rocky according to friends. According to documents, the NYPD was called on several occasions in the past year regarding violence with the couple.

Just recently, Stephanie was wanting to go to Europe to for the Summer with her son to visit her boyfriend and Charles did not want it to happen so he took her to court and the judge ordered that she turn in her sons passport.

Now although Stephanie owned an apartment in Lower Manhattan, she got a hotel room on the 25 floor of the Gotham Hotel and checked in Thursday night, early Friday morning, it was reported that two loud sounds were heard, only to discover the bodies of Stephanie and her 7 year old son Vincent.

There was no suicide letter left behind and no word as of yet from Charles Nicolai. Abuse is definitely serious.


Author: celeboftea