Queens, NY Rapper Fabp Talks Writing Process, Inspirations & More [Interview]

By Jack Barnes

Getmybuzzup: Tell us a little about yourself?

Fabp: Ok My stage name is Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer and I’m an underground rap artist from Jamaica, Queens New York. My first professional demo was after i finish High school back in the ’90s and at that time I was known as Fabulous P. a name I changed in 2001.

Getmybuzzup: How long have you been in the music industry?

Fabp: I graduated the Institute Of Audio Research in 2006 at that time I was making beats but it was in 2011 to present that I started to release my joints online.

Getmybuzzup: How did you get started in the first place?

Fabp: In Junior High School I was interested in becoming a DJ then after High school I got my first Studio internship at CMOM but my first big exposure to the music industry was a Studio 57 where I recorded my first demo a song called “Gal Ah Dis Me” for my friend Floyd Nixon and then from that point I have been recording joints every chance I got.


Getmybuzzup: How would you describe your sound?

Fabp: I would describe my sound as being hard as in hardcore raw and undiluted with twist of some ruggedness.

Getmybuzzup: Who are your inspirations in the music industry?

Fabp: My inspiration for creating music comes from many flavors in music but mainly Hip Hop, Dancehall and Heavy metal, I grow up listening to Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Mobb Deep and so much more too many to mention.


Getmybuzzup: How do you go about writing a song and what is your process?

Fabp: I like to start my process early in the morning to set the mood to create the instrumental then I would write the lyrics to the song basically I would freestyling it.


Getmybuzzup: What are you currently working on?

Fabp: Currently I’m working on promoting my website www.X-CaladePromotionz.com where you will find all my latest joints including a #Mp3Recordpool for my songs and beats.


Getmybuzzup: What is the concept behind your latest project?

Fabp: The basic concept behind my latest project is to spit that hardcore original in my own style of flow and beats that I like to call the flippin’ gothic style.


Queens, NY Rapper Fabp Talks Writing Process, Inspirations & More [Interview]Getmybuzzup: Any plans on touring to promote your latest project?

Fabp: I might just do a show or two in NYC but no I have no plans or tour dates at this time.


Getmybuzzup: What did you buy with your first check off music?

Fabp: Queens, NY Rapper Fabp Talks Writing Process, Inspirations & More [Interview] My first big check was from ASCAP and i gave it to my Little sister she’s big now. Queens, NY Rapper Fabp Talks Writing Process, Inspirations & More [Interview]


Getmybuzzup: What are must haves when you’re in the studio working?

Fabp: A must have for my sessions is some fresh grapes I love grapes and of course just myself the equipment and the beats, I can handle the recording and mixing also I can use an Assistant engineer on standby.


Getmybuzzup: What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed?

Fabp: The best piece of advice I got in this business came from the G.O.A.T LL Cool J. and that’s was for me to be good and stay out of trouble. Its been so long but yeah that’s what I got from him that day thanks Uncle L..


Getmybuzzup: Will you be collaborating with any other artists on this project or in the future?

Fabp: Nah no collaborating for me at this time maybe in the future.


Getmybuzzup: Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content?

Fabp: I can’t call it because the I have fans that support my beats and I have fans that support lyrical flows in my songs.


Getmybuzzup: What area do you need to improve on in regards to your career? (Example: Better production, Delivery, Stage presence, etc..)

Fabp: Over the years my music have been raw undiluted and the fans like it that way but yeah if I would I would have the music sweetened in production, but even if my music did sound like my favorite rap artist the critics will still find something negative to say so I just keep it my way raw from the crib to my fans.


Getmybuzzup: What’s your all-time favorite song?

Fabp: I have so many of them but I would have to say “Different Angles” a joint I did back in the day.


Getmybuzzup: In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Fabp:  Its hard to say because every artist that I listen to in my genre is influential and successful they all have gold and multi platinum plaques.


Getmybuzzup: Who have been some of your favorite artists that you’ve been able to work with?

Fabp: I have not worked with none of my favorites at the moment but I hope that will change in the future with some handwork and dedication.


Getmybuzzup: How do you feel about the current state of music?

Fabp: To be honest I think the price for a singles and a albums is too cheap but I get the point of it. But man video games sell for $40 to $50 a pop I’m just saying.


Getmybuzzup: Any dream award shows you hope to one day play at?

Fabp: I’m just taking it one day at time but maybe the MTV awards. str88


Getmybuzzup: What is your main goal as far as music?

Fabp: My main goal right now is to reach more fans locally and internationally online and offline.


Getmybuzzup: Who would you say your music relates to the most?

Fabp: My style of music would best relates to The Independent, The College student, The Military, The Good, The Bad and the pretty. Queens, NY Rapper Fabp Talks Writing Process, Inspirations & More [Interview]


Getmybuzzup: What separates you from other artists? (What’s makes you different?)

Fabp: The thing that separates me from other artists is that I’m not afraid to experiment with my production I rather my songs sound crappy than to bootleg other artists beats on mixtapes and social media.


Getmybuzzup: When you’re not in the studio, What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?

Fabp: For relaxation and fun while I’m not in the studio I like to have that music bumping or I’m just chillin’ with the lady playing freaky games and uploading my joints to the internet.


Getmybuzzup: If you could work with any producer who would it be?

Fabp: I would say the Alchemist, Havoc and Daz Dillinger.


Getmybuzzup: What’s the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

Fabp: The biggest highlight thus far is getting my music featured on the mixtapes of legendary Dj Ron G the #mixtapeGod.


Getmybuzzup: What is your dream venue to perform at?

Fabp: It Would be nice for me to say the SXSW music festival.


Getmybuzzup: What artist music are you currently a fan of?

Fabp: I would have to say 2Pac currently and for life.


Getmybuzzup: When performing live what are some of the things you do to get the crowd involved?

Fabp: Every performance for me is different I like to spit new lyrics on new beats at a show and its never rehearsed so the crowd can get hyped and involved off that experience.


Getmybuzzup: When performing and the crowd is singing along how does that energy make you feel?

Fabp: I have never experienced that feeling before but it would make me feel super hype I guess.


Getmybuzzup: What can we expect from you in the future?

Fabp: My fans worldwide can look forward to more super hardcore music from the kid so they would have keep it locked on for more info..


Getmybuzzup: Anything else you wanna add?

Fabp: I’m pretty much on a lot of different platforms like your favorite artists/bands so just google Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer and you’ll find your boy with the flippin’ gothic style.


Getmybuzzup: Where can the fans check out for your music?

Fabp: They fans can find me at www.X-CaladePromotionz.com. U heard :-))

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Queens, NY Rapper Fabp Talks Writing Process, Inspirations & More [Interview]

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