Fat Joe: Tekashi 6ix9ine Figured Out a Lane, it Works For Him if He Stays Alive (Part 1)

Fat Joe: Tekashi 6ix9ine Figured Out a Lane, it Works For Him if He Stays Alive (Part 1)

In this clip, Fat Joe and Vlad reflected on their history, particularly their controversial “gay mafia” interview. The pair talked about hip-hop turning 45-years-old and the how Joe got a front row seat of seeing the culture mature being from the Bronx. Fat Joe also discussed his commercial success being a result of Big Pun’s passing, and how early on in his career he was unapproachable.
Later in the clip, Fat Joe explains how the comparison he made between himself and Tekashi 6ix9ine.

25 responses to “Fat Joe: Tekashi 6ix9ine Figured Out a Lane, it Works For Him if He Stays Alive (Part 1)”

  1. If I had to pick one rapper in the game I feel most confident will never become a pastor, it would be 6ix9ine. Fat Joe never seen his face tats? In fact, I feel like face tats are ruining the maturity of the game.

  2. Joe had to lose his ego because he know he wasn't as hot as he thought the was. Not letting people walk up to him HAHA. Thats Beyonce type of shit, not for people like Joe

  3. That chain dancing

  4. that's a dope azz chain, Joe..

  5. Joey Crack!!!

  6. You gotta flow joe, you gotta flow joe you gotta gotta gotta gotta let em know joe!

  7. Better put that O in front of his G
    Go check out Fat Joe Pride N Joy banger banger Love from PHX Az

  8. Come on joe.

  9. I fuck w/ Fat Joe HEAVY. I'm a brotha from Cali, but I been bumping Fat Joe since FLO JOE! lol 4 real tho.

  10. Hip hop started in new York Rap music stared in LA ill give yall that but the west we started this gangsta shit

  11. Bout fucking time

  12. One of the reasons Hip hop is where it is right now is because the so called OG's like Fat Joe and 50 cent in Hip Hop are letting it happen letting trash in like 69.

  13. this nicca necclace tho

  14. Joe Neck Lookin Spiffy👌🏾

  15. Skool the yoof my BROTHER skool the yoof

  16. No question he took Trumps blueprint!

  17. Malibu’s Most Wanted Avatar
    Malibu’s Most Wanted

    Diamonds dancin

  18. Flyboyhalo Publishing Avatar
    Flyboyhalo Publishing

    How bout yall (as in Vladimir) bless 6ix9ine instead of sneak-death-salting him? Just saying. And all that "Gay mafia" talk makes one think, what you be thinking bout since you talking so much about it. Also, sup with that "stache" just grow it out man, too much manicuring makes one suspect. . . oh and "Big U" is just a man a bitter man at that. Only God knows what seven years has in store, so thanks for saying that Fat Joe! Thanks for checking Vladimir. And that 6ix9ine kid is selling records his own way, as again you Fat Joe have enlightened us to his method of going about it. It took a ballsy impoverished Mexican-Puerto Rican American kid fearless audacity and antics to get the stagnated industry this shook.

  19. Captain underpants is that you?

  20. Lol @Joe was 69. Joe wasnt no sucka, yelled on the track, who talked tough n couldnt fight his way out a wet paper bag

  21. Y’all see this nigga chain? That shit hitting, real Jewels 💎 for sure

  22. Joe really is blessed can’t wait to hear his track with Ghostface I didn’t even know they were making a track together until now and bruh I remember the DITC Joe I miss those days. RIP Big L and bruh the days when we got shit from Big Pun and Joe like Deep Cover 98 I miss those days too RIP Big Pun

  23. Fat Joe ain't gotta be super mainstream no more to still be makin moves out here. Respect the bro.

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