Film Theory: Do N̸̛͙̔͆̄̉̋̓̿̈͂̆̕O̵̫͇̣̯͑́͆̽̄̑͑̒̋̚͝Ṭ̷̲̮͚̪̈̓͛̍͌̑͛͂̏̽ͅ Fear Him (The Mandela Catalogue)

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It’s been a while since I posted my first theory on The Mandela Catalogue. The series has NOT slowed down! Today I want to focus on one of the scariest things to show up yet – The Intruder? Who is he? Should we ACTUALLY be afraid or is the truth a little more mysterious. Theorist, it’s time to step into the dark and spooky world of The Mandela Catalogue once again! Don’t be afraid…

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